Tuesday, June 30, 2009


OPTIMUS PRIME is officially mine. If we can categorise robots according to strength and looks, OPTIMUS will be in rank 1. If you haven't watch the second TRANSFORMERS movie, you should jump from the cliff and scream, "I'M A LOSER!!!!!"

Okay, just kidding. I watched the movie last week at 1U with my PET'S friends and my god, we were so thrilled about it. OPTIMUS has become a more powerful, charismatic leader and successfully makes me a devoted lover of him. After he combined with JETFIRE's parts and transformed into a brand new PRIME, he was just HOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

SHIA LABEOUF... My latest celebrity crush. In the first movie, he was a bit goofy. Well now... let the pictures paint a thousand words...
OH YEAH.. Shia is so yummy and no matter how bad the war was between Autobots and Decepticons, he survived with scars and blood and yet managed to make me like a normal teenage girl who develops crush with every single male celebrity. Including him:)

Off to watch TRANSFORMERS again this weekend with girlfriends. And another intimate moment with my beloved OPTIMUS

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I wonder if it's too late to start my 2009 resolution. The one about cutting down fat and never skip exercise. Yup, that one. I told Fathul that the weighing scale is a monster with huge teeth and evil, wicked smile. Chanting, "fat, fat, fat,...."

As usual, he said I will look good no matter if I look like a sumo wrestler or Twiggy during her years.

Anorexia is me or will be me. But, I'm facing an opportunity cost. Focus on my resolution, read the nutritional value and content at the back of the potato chips that I just bought and give it to my brother if it's too fattening..or..don't think about the baby cheek that I have and still presume with my unhealthy diet.

This is the part where I hate to be born as a girl. We think too much about weight!! Feels like having a checklist of how many times do I think about weight today and there this little helper who counts and writes it on BUKU 3 LIMA.

Do I get any punishment for being absolutely paranoia about WEIGHT?

Twiggy... Super small-sized model

Friday, June 5, 2009


I have finished 'the' first draft of World Literature. I'm good. Majin said "serius hebat". Yard wrote "WOOOOHHHHHHOHOOHH" or something like that.

Now, let's get it done dear Econs IA.

Syazana, post ini tidak berniat untuk menyakitkan hati kamu