Thursday, December 16, 2010


You know you are dead broke when you can't even afford a small coffee from Tim Horton's.

You know you are dead broke when your boyfriend wants to lend you his money.

You are dead broke when you start to have a stupid idea of doing paintings and stand on the street selling them for $2.

You are dead broke when the raisins taste like the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.

So yeah, don't bother guessing because I AM DEAD BROKE.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Turning 20 wasn't as bad as what I thought it will turn out to be. Despite the ruining momento of where I had to sit for an exam (it was the final), I still had the best birthday ever. Thank you for the sushi, the homemade chocolate cake, the movie (I WATCHED THE TOURIST!) and the surprise party. Also thanks to you for the movie, the cute colourful Dr. Seuss' notebook and the cashmere scarf. Hehe.. I'm writing this using your laptop while you're sitting for an exam. Bless...

So yeah, I had an ice cream and love and more than I wished for. OWHHH... also I got the chance to make 2 wishes. And chocolate cakes. And warm weather. And everything was perfect.

Darn, 2 exams before winter break. Darn. Darn.

Never EVER pull an all nighter the night of your exam. NEVER. Because you will end up sleeping and wanting for more hours of sleep and more and before you know it, you are sitting on a super comfy couch with a laptop on your lap, hitting the keyboards in an attempt to update your blog. You can almost hear a voice at the back of your head saying or rather chanting, "GEOCHEM GEOCHEM GEOCHEM" but you decide to ignore it. Yup this is exactly what I'm doing. This is a true fact.

Should put on the pants and go to the dept (ps: the dept means the GEOLOGY DEPT that ROCKS!) Or I can just wait for you to finish the exam. We can have dinner somewhere if you don't mind.

WTH?! Seriously, not working man. You have exam and let's just face it. For real.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Skype is so retarded. One it was all fine, I was chatting with my pen pal and the next thing I knew, I couldn't sign in to my account. How retarded is that? Don't answer. I know. Just plain retarded.

Shizzle, everywhere is snowing. Luckily, TO had a 5 cm snow last Saturday. I woke up almost noon with messages from friends who had never seen, felt snow just like me saying , "Sarah wake up! It is snowing heavily outside!" By the time I dressed up to go back to my resz, the snow had stopped. But on the ground, there were sheets of cotton white snow, everywhere. And I looked up at the sky, it was blue, so pretty with balls of white clouds. The best thing was it wasn't cold at all. On the field of King's circle, the grass was covered with snow. Snap, snap, snap. My first snow, a perfect day and no thick jacket or dozens layer of clothes.

My 20 birthday is approaching. LALALALALALAALLALALAALA.. Don't ask me what I want because my answer would be something that you will not be able to give. Or just give me your love. Or an ice cream treat would be thoughtful.

Excited for winter breakkkkkkkk! Tickets for Dr. Seuss's play are on their way to my mailbox. Hehe.. it would be nice to watch something live on the stage instead of the 2D images on the black rectangular box. Maybe a trip to Niagara. And shizzz.. I haven't order the tickets for Tim Burton's exhibition! Damn!

No talking to me for the next 3 weeks. Exam mode, nerd mode, study mode and finally... PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

ps: skype is

Wednesday, November 3, 2010




Geochemistry is H.A.R.D. 1 month of thermodynamics and I feel like the professor is speaking the Enuit language. And all the equations.. I am turning into an engineer for an hour every Monday to Wednesday. The 'best' part was for the first time in my life I put a 5-hours straight of energy and a whole lot of brain cells to work for the mineralogy assignment. Faggot. And guess what? I am still stuck with the last sub-question!

I shall drain my emotions for something better this weekend. Long weekend, winter clothing shopping, a Niagara fireworks trip.. I am dreading this week man. For the sake of good money, please.. please.. few more brain cells.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


The title is a name of a band and the vocalist is my Bio lab partner. Check 'em out.

Sarah's wish list is being updated to keep track on the things she wants and the places she wishes to visit.

1. Turning 20 in Toronto (pretty sure I am getting it, maybe in the next post I will tell you why)
2. Ipod touch
3. A jet black skinny jeans
4. Adidas Nizza High-Star Wars the Fighter (to get this, I need to start watching Star Wars again)
5. Roald Dahl's compilation of short stories
6. Snow!
7. US Visa
8. Lion fish
9. Peru
10. Bosnia
11. Sicily
12. Paris (because of the Louvre for god's sake!)
13. Amsterdam
14. New York
15. Zimbabwe
16. Mexico (Mayan history is a seduction)

Ahha! Not that much right.. I know, "why Bosnia?" I am so tired of people visiting Europe but forget a small country called Bosnia which has a lot more to offer and many mysteries yet to be discovered. I am so in love with you Sparrow (blog's new name). Will you be my lover and love me the way I love you? *High 5*

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I wonder what should I do during winter. I can't fringging go anywhere due to lack of moolah or simply saving money for summer by instructing my mind not think about winter and boxing day. Aye! What am I talking about? Boxing day IS the best day during the whole freezing, below-zero-temperature season of the year. Now, let me take you to what really matters.. Turning 20 this year. Birthday. I am expecting myself to be matured and sensible and watch less cartoons. Wooo it makes me feel old for a brief second.

And so I might have to crash Sarah's place this winter due to the residence's policy of not letting the students stay during winter. No, u CAN actually stay but you have to pay. I am not going to pay you Canadians for a-3 weeks stay with no cool things to do. Well actually I can go to Montreal or BC or take the train and simply stop at some random place with no clue or whatsoever to expect. That would be nice. My little adventure.

I want lion fish as my birthday present. Can you give it to me?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It had been done. Pretty much write everything, what I feel, what I want, what I m doing and some random crappy stuff in my black, dusty blog. It is heartbreaking and it wasn't his fault. I can't scrape off my overly-emotional mentality about tiny little things and somehow I can't take it anymore. Thought that I was up for it. Blergh.. long distance.. whatever.. we are good. But I didn't realised that there were more to come. I love him dearly but he is better off with someone else. He taught me some values and I cherished every moment we spent together. He is such a good man and he deserves all the happiness in the world.

A teacher of mine gave some words of wisdom and it makes me feel that I should be more considerate, more mature before making any decision. We live once and you won't get the second chance, not even if u trade it with whatever bajilion treasures that you have.

He will always be a part of me. Always.

ps: mid termsz-ah is a word meant not to be spoken

Friday, October 22, 2010


1 degree outside, 6.13 am and I am still wide awake. Which is quite unusual for a person who would trade the world for a pinch of shut-eye. Times are hard now. Rat race, the pressure to be the best, somehow I found myself secretly enjoying the ticking of the clock.

You can throw me foods and pillows and duvet and I would simply ignore them. I would tell you that I am loving what I'm doing now. This feels like looking for your best jeans only to find it underneath piles of your clothes and it makes
you feel so relieved since you are now able to wear it for the night of your life. Discovery and joy.

I miss my family, friends, foods, Malaysians and Malaysia. Also the honking and screeching sound of the tires of Waja, Wira and sometime a glimpse of red Ferrari on the road. I miss having to say "sheshhhh..panas gilee". But fool you if you think that I want to take the next flight home because at this moment, I am living my life.

Home for now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


5 classes. Free friday, alternately. I am very glad that I decided to study rocks and not some other science courses. I always knew that I will somehow create a path that leads to the discovery of gravity, neutron and other sciences terms that had casually found places in my heart. What else can I say, art is always my craving but science is the language of human.

But dude, hundreds of mineral to be memorised? Not cool (lately I have been using these words more often than "I,m hungry!"). I m not whining but I need break from the big green book called MINERAL SCIENCE sold by mubeen at the price of $90 (believe me it's cheap since he bought it for $150++).

To make things worse, I just realised that gold is no longer my favorite mineral. Time to find a new sweetheart!

Winter: BC/ US (if I have a visa, of course)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It is starting. Well life was supposed to be simple like fairytales. A beautiful princess locked up in a castle and waited for her prince charming by the window every day to save her from a fire-breathing dragon. The prince came with his mighty white horse and slayed the dragon. He kissed her lips and they knew that this was meant to happen.

If life could be that simple, I shall listen to the love songs and feel the wind brushing my cheeks and happily chasing dogs on a field. Or probably grab a coffee, take a decent book and find a sweet place at a park where the grass is nothing but green and simply read and humming to Bob Marley's.

If it could only be that simple, I shall close this thick, 675-pages book (minus the index, appendices) and lay on my bed and stare at the blank ceiling and have nothing to worry except what will they serve for breakfast tomorrow.

Sadly, life is never that simple. But there is no stopping me from going to bed. Except the sense of guilt.

I told you, life ain't that simple.

Friday, September 17, 2010


This place is flooded with squirrels.

I am becoming very edgy. And so goes with my body. Which is incapable to say no to malay foods. As the temperature drops I wish that this is Malaysia.

But suck it up girl, it is going to be fun.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


A movie that had me glued to the seat for 2 hours without complaints.

I will not talk about it BUT I am proudly will write about the actors.
1. Sylvester Stallone. My parents are crazily in love with him. I grew up listening to their admiration towards him and his talent. Action-packed movies weren't really my thing but
after I watched his acts in Rambo, man! I am in love with Stallone. 64 and his body is still solid and whaddaheck is that 6 squared-things on his abs? 6-packed! Gentlemen, do be like him please.
He's just a heart throb for a man that we can call poppi.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
An Austrian-born governor, once a bodybuilder and part-time actor. Watching The Terminator franchise had made my childhood was exceptionally wonderful. Thanks to him,
I learned that someday, scientists and engineers have to create brilliantly handsome robots to help human evolution. (what a crap)

63 and still no sign of bulging tummy, I love him as much as I love Stallone.
3. George Clooney
He is what I call a sexy old man (if you wish to throw up, my suggestion would be to stop reading this post because it will be filled with my admiration towards a group of old man).
Batman & Robin was a legend particularly with the producer's decision to mask Clooney as Batman. If you watched the Ocean's franchise (Ocean 11, 12 and 13), his sexiness can be compared to Brad Pitt's. That is crazy! Nobody can be as hot and sexy as Pitt but he did it using his secret weapons, charm and wittiness.

Drool~ I like old guys! Why la?????

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It is very funny how life finds its way to make human feel either good or bad. When things take a wrong turn you start to curse or swear and say pretty mean stuffs to nice people. Or you just give them a really mean look as if they are the evil bad do-er. Dude you are so wrong.

I went out with Akiey. She is such a nice girl and very pretty with her rings covering her tiny fingers. We had never spoken back in KMB but it had been fated that we met each other and talked for the first time and it wasn't awkward at all.



Forgot what was I supposed to post about. Got side-tracked again because petty-Farmville


Monday, August 16, 2010


He once told me that he wouldn't want best friends. I told him that he was being absurd and no man can be in this world without someone he acknowledges as his best friend/s. Well now I agree with him.

I can like someone or turn into his worst enemy in a second. I had called many as my good friends. The truth is they are not. Life is constantly changing, very volatile and I plunge myself into many webs of friendships that have turn out to be very messy. It hurts to know that they are changing and I am no longer in their hearts. I should just walk away but I have been to generous upon giving a tiny little space for them in my ever small heart.

Was it my fault, I wish to know. But the truth always hurt. As long as I have my loved ones around me, others are simply gestures and memories.

I will not change and always will be me.. You (don't ask me to name them).. Only time will tell

Saturday, August 14, 2010


The urge to write something, and that is why I'm clicking the keyboards while having my head fully oriented towards the future that will appear this September.

I am scared, more of frightened of what may happen in the next 4 years. This uncertainty is nerve-wrecking, the uneasiness feeling is too overwhelming. I put my best though I know I could do better but after all the misbehaving and time that had been wasted, my best is somehow good enough to make me feel blissfully happy.

But this small heart of mine is still afraid. To leave the comfort zone and face the strange outside world is not going to be easy. I should learn,taste and adapt to the inviting pleasures of the new world. But this world that I'm living now is something that I would not trade even for the universe.

I am not ready to bid goodbye to my world. Feel sick in my stomach thinking of hugging them and settling into a brand new atmosphere. I have the Lord with me and He shall be my companion and greatly He always listens to me.

Monday, August 9, 2010


I hate fever. I hate cough. I hate cold. I hate flu. I hate medicine. Don't ask me to take 'em when I'm dealing with any pain because I'll be replying to you in this monotonous way:

"Makan/amik la ubat"

"X suka makan ubat la"

"Macam mana nak baik kalau tak makan ubat?"

"Ala... nanti baikla. Yang penting tak nak makan ubat"

I have been questioning about this for quite a long time. Why do I dislike medicine so much? To make it more irony, I'll be depending on medicine for the rest of my life until I make up my mind to take some steroids to normalize my white blood cells. Don't ask me what am I dealing with because sadly, you will not be getting any answer.

Back to the question, I presume that the dis-likeness towards medicine is due to the fact that I hate having to repeat the routine and mind set of 'mesti minum air lepas makan ubat'. I can swallow whatever pills that you give me regardless of the sizes without any hardships. Put in my mouth and within a fraction of second, it'll be on its way inside my oesophagus (woo.. i remember biology!) I prefer pills than liquid medicine. It doesn't taste good at all and makes me despise 'em more. So the next time I have fever and could not stop being a baby (due to my sickness) just tell me where the medicine is and I know what to do. But, don't expect too much/hoping one or two will be disappeared within the next 24-hours.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I have a new addiction.


it is so addictive that I can visit pages by pages motionlessly (yup, only clicking of the fingers that I need) for hours.

Credits to Emi!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010



I just realised that I have less than a month to prepare everything, bags, documents, MY MENTAL HEALTH before departing to Toronto.


Simply because I'm just too lazy and having myself a sense of proud to be called couch-potato, I haven't bought anything, not even a single, plain, monochrome t-shirt to be wore in Canada.

According to my timetable, a month from now I'll be registering to St.Mike's College, get myself a decent room with a warm roomie and will not stop fidgeting about the food, weather and where to get roti canai.

Ps: If you think that I'm boasting about my excitement or you just don't like my post, you are invited to leave my blog and a re-visitation to my dusty little blog is something that I do not look forward.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TL 21

I am going to take you back to the times when I was in MRSM Langkawi. It won't be about everyone, just a few girls that I have encountered in my life.

1. Sarah Atikah Sirajul Huda
Yup. Teman sebilik no 1. Adalah kerana nama yang sama (Sarah), maka kami bercadang untuk menggelarkan diri kami Sarah-Squared dan Sarah Cube (the power of two and three). Kami tidak mahu orang memanggil kami dengan nama kedua kami ('Ainaa dan Atikah) maka berebutlah nama Sarah itu. Katil dia adalah diagonal dengan saya, bersentuh kepala dengan Yanie dan menghadap King. Orang Perak yang tubuh badannya kecil sahaja. Suka ambil biskut saya.

2. Raja Nur Izzati
Ye. Dia memang anak raja (don't mess around her, u might get tulah). Orang Perak juga. Dalam bilik TL 21, dia paling baik. Tapi sebenarnya itu lakonan sahaja. Dia paling liar kotttt..:P
Dulu berangan nak jadi ahli farmasi, tiba-tiba ada di France belajar kejuruteraan kimia. Suka balik paling akhir setiap kali sesi persekolahan bermula. OH.. dan dia juga seorang LDP (Lembaga Disiplin Pelajar @ pengawas). Sampai sekarang hairan macam mana dia boleh terpilih jadi LDP:D
Boleh pula jadi model tudung =.=

3. Nur Haryani Yahya @ Ano
Aha. Paling blur sekali. Kalau orang dah habis lawak no 14, dia baru nak paham lawak no 1. Adalah rakan persekolahan, permainan Marni dan menetap di Sg. Petani. Suka tengok cerita Korea, dari dulu sampai sekarang. Ada lesung pipit dan tidur menghadap saya. Sekarang dia belajar di UITM dan suka pergi bilik TL 17 (kot) sebab ada Nani dan Wati dekat situ.

So mates, good luck in life. It is my biggest hope to see you before September arrives. And as for you King, do speak French fluently because I'll be needing some French lessons from you to prepare myself in the search for hot French dudes:P

Monday, August 2, 2010


I know.. it's edgy, emo, dark, whatever crap that you might think or say looking at my new template.

Let me tell you, since I was a kid, I always ponder what will happen to the world if superheroes do exist. Sure will be cool la..

Everyone has their own favourite superhero. It could be from Superman to Spiderman or from Wonder Woman to Thor. Or perhaps Ironman. Well the latest is surely one of the hottest superhero credits to Robert Downing Jr. But please tell him to keep his beard or what-is-the-name-for-the-thing-around-his-jaw. Shave it and you will lose a fan.

My favourite would be...... BATMAN!

I had watched every single movie that has the name Batman as its title. Or movie with the Bat logo on it. Or just another movie with bats flying in a dark cave as its main focus on the movie poster. Batman is cool. Billionaire, handsome, young, very much the most eligible bachelor on Earth (bear in mind that I am posting this will thinking of Metropolis, not the Earth as in the Earth). The absent of superpower is not a problem for me because he has cool gadgets that money can buy. OH and another thing, he is smooth and seductive too.

P.s: It has been lately about men.. Is it just me or I'm just too gay to talk about girls?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Readers, finally the title of this post WILL have a thread of connection to the content.


Like it or not, I have his album in my laptop n mp3 an will always play his songs for countless times. I dreamt, thought of him. Downloaded his video so that I can always look at him whenever I want. Logging in to youtube just to gaze at his face and hair in 'Baby'. Swear, I watched the video for 50 times and still haven't had enough of him.

Should he be beside me now, I will scream, faint, get up, scream again, hug him and cry.

Told you that I'm just a girl that goes gaga over pretty boys:)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


You should try hanging out with them:

1. Fathul Aizat

2. Mubeen


1. Nerds
3. FUNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :D(i just discovered this 10 seconds ago)

Anyways, no.1 is taken so the only option left is no.2. Go on, try your luck!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


A blessing I should say.

Alhamdulillah, the big day had passed by. It was full with anxiousness and countless prayers. As the clock struck at 9.15 pm, I had a TITANIC nerve wrecking moment. Teeth were chattering and I swore that my feet and hands were cold like a dead body.
Marni, Dayana and I were chatting at FB while waiting for the moment to come. And when it had arrived, I couldn't bear to look at the screen. I covered my eyes and of course I couldn't see a thing.
And the rest was in history. I guess all those emo-posts dated when I was struggling with mind-boggling subjects, assignments (EE, TOK, IA'S, CAS, etc) had paid off.

I owe everything to:
The great LORD for the gifts and love HE has for me since I was born.
My family for their love, support and prayers.Fathul for the laughter when I was drown in great despairs.
Teachers who had taught the goodness of life, the values of knowledge
Friends (E08Fians, Marni, gfs, LRC peeps, IPians, wholly-good jrs (not all of them since I did had some issues with them), fellow 08-10 KMBians) for being my inspirations. The good memories that we shared shall never be forgotten.

Looking forward to turn 20 in TORONTO baby!!

ps: sincerely hoping that my family, Fathul, dearest gfs, bestfriends, lrc peeps will be at the airport to send me off to the north america continent:)

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I am not a football player. Therefore, I don't have the credibility to comment on any matches. All I can say is that who wins and who loses. This 2010 World Cup... haish... don't know what to say.

Put my money and words on England. They have always been my favourite. Screw whatever the British tabloids said about Terry and Cole. Good players on the pit, that is all I care. But what happened this year??

1. Beckham was injured. Bye-bye pretty face. And the yellow cap was given to Ferdinand.
2. Ferdinand the got injured during training. The captain was replaced with Gerrard.
3. Feud between Terry and Capello was nowhere near peace.

The result: They were kicked out and humiliated during knock-out stage by Germany.

England was supposed to be like this. The one and only World Cup trophy they ever proud of.

Portugal was my second favourite. I thought they had the chance to make to at least semi. Hell they put me in the dark room again. Ronaldo had managed to prove that he is nothing but a sore loser by spitting at a cameraman after failed to bring his team to the next round.

He might want to reconsider his career as a football player next season.

After the three lions had been defeated, I shifted gear to the South American country, Argentina. With Maradonna as the coach, his famous 'Hand of God' goal will be the light for the team to book a seat in the final. They played tactfully with good teamwork and Messi is one hot player that should have the enemies in danger.

What happened?


This may be what Maradonna will do to Messi.

"You should go to the right you fool"

"I tried papi, but they did not let me go there"

"This is all your fault! I am going to crush you! Come here you punk"

"Stop papi!! Wasn't my fault that we lost! Don't touch my head!"

This is my worst World Cup fever. I am not looking forward to final. You can still expect me to be in front of the telly cheering but whoever wins, I could not care less.

Saving my money for a trip to Brazil in 2014. Wanna come along?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Coffee or tea, miss?

I'm sorry but can I have plain water?

Yeah, sure. Be back in a moment.

Wait! I take the coffee... Well, actually can I have both?

I would give the flight attendant a hard time. This would be the exact conversation in a flight to Ontario, departing from Malaysia, at the end of August.

Provided that if I get what I want for next week.

Dear good Lord, please answer my prayers.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A week after walking out of KMB, my life has taken a full 360-degrees turn. From being agitated seeing books lying on bed to a lifeless girl that reads Douglas Adams collection of Hithchikers (credit to Syazana) as her daily routine. I like this new scent of freedom. It helps me to relax and chill a bit...

Nope, I lied. I am neither relaxed nor chilled. I am worried about the result. Yeah, long way to go, another one month, bullshit. I need to worry so that it will help to remind myself to keep praying and hoping that He will answer my prayers the way I intend it to be.

I can't sleep after 8. Because this crazy drilling sound is constantly making me feel nauseous. It feels like someone is drilling my skull with a blunt automatic driller and keeps on doing it until it gets to the other side of my brain. Yeah, it goes through the brain, right at the center. And I need to remind you that I have migraine so you might want to imagine how it feels to have such noise just beside your room EVERY FREAKING DAY.

Fathul is pretty upset now because his visa application to go to India was denied by the Embassy. And he is now somewhere in London with his mates in trying to cool down his anger. That means he is not online and I can't reach him via phone because I run out of credit. Jatdin is in Klang. He is halfway through the brainwash process in BTN. Yeah, he s not online as well. What do you expect? Huh...

These two Aizats used to keep me company last week and now they are either roaming around the city with a bunch of guys figuring out the next thing to do in the heart of Europe or sleeping in a dorm after a long tiring day. I miss them.

The next best company is a guy in Toronto. I would meet him in September. Can't wait! Provided that my prayers will be answered by God. OH... HERE WE GO AGAIN...

ps: i am depressed. gimme anti depressant

Sunday, May 23, 2010



Let's start by saying I'm pretty glad that I'm posting this on the comfort of my bed, with begs yet to be unpacked and magazines all over the floor. I like being in my comfort zone.

Friday wassssssssssssssssss..... AWESOME!!

Got up early with nothing to worry. The sun was shinning brilliantly. Had nasi lemak with a group of friends, went to the library just to kill the time, wrate SAGA 2 until chapter 15. Jat was reading slowly. I guess he was trying to figure who is Munir, Manisah, etc. After Friday prayer, we (library peeps) went out.

Ironman was brilliantly produced, bowling.. haha;D.. I was being myself and I liked it. Nevertheless, I have some soul searching to do. Commitment.. I am never good at it. But, hey that guy (Fathul) is the most sensible, rational man I could ever have. Owe him a lot.

I miss peeps.. We were having fun.. Studies, volleyball.. Those were crazy. IB had taught me the good of life. There are something that require your attention, something are just meant to be unquestioned, some people are just plain ordinary, some are just simply... annoying, a total pain in the ass and you simply wish you will never meet them again. Some are wonderful, some are fun to be with. Life has boundaries and you need to tell yourself that there is a limit that you need to be cleared with.

Meeting those guys during my last days was quite a heart breaker. But I am happy to know them. Looking forward to see you guys at graduation!

The truth does hurt and sadly to say, I miss KMB:(

Thursday, May 20, 2010



After the teacher collected the exam and question papers, data booklets and unused papers, I glanced around and kept flashing my pearly white smile. IB! SO DONE! The 2 years hurdle was nothing but crazy.

My room is pretty neat now. The books are gone. There are somewhere between piles and piles of other books. No more dead insects. They had successfully found their way to the dustbin. Somehow, my room smells like it has not been used for years. Smells like the first time I entered, dated 2 years ago.

I will be missing some people, some structures, the sceneries. The flies and heat are something that will not be remembered but KMB will not be the same without them. E08F, girlfriends, the teachers, study buddies in the library, I will be counting the days to see them again.

All in all, experiences and memories are priceless, more valuable than the world itself.

ps: next up, cooking and guitar lessons. oh and driving too...?

Friday, May 14, 2010


Oh bloggie! You are all dusty and ugly. I shall sweep away all your sorrows and bring back the good memories that we had before. Sorry for leaving you without any news for months but now I am glad to return to your arms again.

This post has nothing to do with GLEE, its production team or actors or even the songs in it. After all this while, the title for every post was RANDOM. I didn't think or made any effort to somehow relate the title to the content. Randomness is cool...

BEEN THERE DONE THAT! I should say this next week. Probably around 1530/3.30 pm after my last paper! Seriously, my last freaking paper after battling two years full of emotions, as a so-called IB student. It won't be PHYSICS or CHEM or MATH... wait... oh.. it will be MATH HL OPTION: STATS... my last chance of getting at least 5 for math. And thank GOD that I do not have any subjects requirements to enroll to Toronto or Alberta.

Bloggie, this is my oath; I shall never forget you again. You have my words:)

Monday, March 8, 2010


My little sister has a blog!! WTF??!

She craps a lot in her blog like me and she couldn't seem to stop from trashing my wall with her comments and replies between her and Hazeeq. Good, now I have two 'nuts' ready to invade my privacy in the future. Not just through FB but also blog.

But, hey sisters stick together.


Friday, February 26, 2010


I hate it when my urine smells like antibiotic. Because it doesn't smell nice!!

AND... I hate virus and bacteria and whatever u call that thing that brings infection is. Dear classmates and Fathul, you know what happened to me.


Saturday, February 20, 2010



Sekarang musim kemarau.. yang amat panas.. rasa nak pasang penghawa dingin di setiap jalan menuju ke blok dan kelas. Kalau ada air terjun tiap-tiap hari mandi kat situ. Serius3

Kemarau yang dahsyat ini bukan sahaja menyusahkan para petani, malah saya sendiri turut susah. Muka kering ibarat tanah dalam pasu yang ada pokok tapi tak disiram selama 3 minggu. Kesannya terbukti di sekitar bibir saya. Huhu... kulitku dah buruk. Tambahan pula dengan jerawat sebesar sebutir nasi, hujung mingguku sungguh menyedihkan.

Kalau ada ubat untuk setiap masalah yang dinyatakan di atas tolong beritahu.

Suhu tertinggi (41 celcius) dicatatkan di ARAU, PERLIS. Tengok tu SYAMIL... humph..KL pun tak sepanas Arau.

Get back to your business Sarah. The real business. TORONTO IS WAITING.

What am I doing??!! Should be studying instead of updating you bloggie.. huh!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Laptop for IB students, can be compared to drinking water. Drink contaminated water, u will get cirit birit, without any doubt. Infected laptop (viruses) will cause you another sleepless week. When you lose everything in your documents, and C, the situation is similar to the end of the world, APOCALYPSE.

You need a better, more reliable antivirus.

I owe you guys a lot.
1. Farzan - for searching the virus and mentioned something about the virus playing hide and seek. That sounded cute.

2. Pidot - reformatting my lappie for the third time.. Windows 7 is great

3. Sherry @ penpal - ur white shirt really fits me:)

4. Fathul - the preach is great. i am ready for the change

5. Waan - aku pun tak tahu apa kau buat tapi aku mcm terhutang budi kat kau

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I love men. I am very straight and can't imagine my life being a gay. When i look at girls, they don't give me any sensual feeling. But on the 30th, i have decided to become a gay. Only for 3 hours. Hey, it's ladies nite and you won't be expecting any dress or gown or high heels on me. I am going to become a man.

And this fine gentleman (she's a girl actually) is my idol.

Presenting, Katherine Moennig @ Shane McCutcheon.

I love you man!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


5 hari dengan kesakitan kepala yang amat sangat sebelum kembali ke KMB. 2 hari yang pertama ibarat nampak kucing membuang najis atas kasut baru beli tapi dah tak larat nak cuci sebab kucing tersebut asyik melakukan perkumuhan di tempat yang sama. KIranya otak saya macam dah malas nak tolerate dengan najis dan kucing tersebut.

Hari ke-3 dan ke-4, demam menjengah dan memasukkan virus-virus ke dalam badan dalam kuantiti sederhana. Oh hari ke-4 adalah hari terakhir di rumah.

Hari ke-5, pulang ke KMB, kepala masih sakit ibarat rambut ditarik dan dipintal ke tiang. Dapat keputusan yang pelbagai dan kepala semakin sakit. Malam menjelma, 2 biji Panadol ditelan dan tidur pada pukul 11. Keesokan harinya, ke kelas sambil minum Nescafe (sedap ibarat pakai kasut tumit tinggi tapi tak sakit). Ajaibnya, sakit kepala hilang..

Semalam (Sabtu), ke Pavilion bersama rakan baik dunia akhirat, Hazeeq dan 2 rakan lain yang anda tidak kenal. Buka mata dan melihat ke dunia luar... "KENAPA TERANG SANGAT NI?!"

Kepala berdenyut kembali.

Menunggu kawan di Pavi sambil duduk baca Saga (baru sampai bab 9) dengan memakai shades. Semua benda terang sangat sampai mata tak bisa melihat.

Ke klinik selepas makan dan kepala berdenyut semakin hebat dan keterangan dunia semakin memuncak.

Tahniah, saya mendapat migraine.

Pulang memberitahu Fathul di UK yang keracunan makanan dan tergolek-golek di atas katil menahan sakit bahawa saya ada migraine, dengan tersenyum dia berkata, "Welcome to the club".

Lepas ni sakit apa pula yang dapat?