Thursday, January 28, 2010


Laptop for IB students, can be compared to drinking water. Drink contaminated water, u will get cirit birit, without any doubt. Infected laptop (viruses) will cause you another sleepless week. When you lose everything in your documents, and C, the situation is similar to the end of the world, APOCALYPSE.

You need a better, more reliable antivirus.

I owe you guys a lot.
1. Farzan - for searching the virus and mentioned something about the virus playing hide and seek. That sounded cute.

2. Pidot - reformatting my lappie for the third time.. Windows 7 is great

3. Sherry @ penpal - ur white shirt really fits me:)

4. Fathul - the preach is great. i am ready for the change

5. Waan - aku pun tak tahu apa kau buat tapi aku mcm terhutang budi kat kau


Syazwan Harun said...

aku ade power membuat orang terasa hutang budi :D

sarah said...

haish menyampah aku... x mau belanja pizza la

a h u y y said...

aku ada power nak fitkan baju.

sarah said...

haha.. layan la penpal.. sama size kot

Syazwan Harun said...

~~~bunyi mistikal~~

terasalah kau xfit baju penpal kau

~~~bnyi mistikal~~

Farzan said...

neway, sry kerna hanya menyelamatkn new moon je

sasquatch said...

thnks ezzad for providing the windows 7 cd.

sarah said...

waan: aku mcm kurg phm atau kau jeles dgn aku dn sherry yg sama size :)

farzan: x kisah janji laptop selamat... thank u so much!

ejat: nmpknye kena blnja ejat gak ni