Saturday, April 27, 2013


Salam and hello,

I guess it is expected of me to abandon my blog for a while. My hectic schedule especially the last 2 weeks of school had taken its toll on my life. Right after the submission of my last assignment, I sat for my first final exam for 3rd year on the next day. The exam itself wasn't too bad but the labs pulled my grade down. I had been putting a high expectation on myself this year and I managed to live up to it. However, this semester was certainly a tough one.

Holiday has officially started. I'll be leaving for my 14-days field school in Benny Belt, Sudbury. Coming back to TO on the 15th, probably around 5pm and I will have a 5,6 hours gap before my flight back to Malaysia. I so can't wait to go back! This summer is going to be F.U.N.

This blog has always been dusty. To keep it updated, I came up with an idea. For the next month, I will try to post pictures on anything interesting that can be worth sharing. Something that I may witness with my own eyes and remind me of any peculiar moments or simply beautiful/funny shots of life around me. Caution! Since I will be away for 14 days with limited time for blogging, I might have to update my blog every other day or perhaps, whenever I will be free.

I'm excited for this. Like my own virtual scrap book.