Thursday, August 19, 2010


A movie that had me glued to the seat for 2 hours without complaints.

I will not talk about it BUT I am proudly will write about the actors.
1. Sylvester Stallone. My parents are crazily in love with him. I grew up listening to their admiration towards him and his talent. Action-packed movies weren't really my thing but
after I watched his acts in Rambo, man! I am in love with Stallone. 64 and his body is still solid and whaddaheck is that 6 squared-things on his abs? 6-packed! Gentlemen, do be like him please.
He's just a heart throb for a man that we can call poppi.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
An Austrian-born governor, once a bodybuilder and part-time actor. Watching The Terminator franchise had made my childhood was exceptionally wonderful. Thanks to him,
I learned that someday, scientists and engineers have to create brilliantly handsome robots to help human evolution. (what a crap)

63 and still no sign of bulging tummy, I love him as much as I love Stallone.
3. George Clooney
He is what I call a sexy old man (if you wish to throw up, my suggestion would be to stop reading this post because it will be filled with my admiration towards a group of old man).
Batman & Robin was a legend particularly with the producer's decision to mask Clooney as Batman. If you watched the Ocean's franchise (Ocean 11, 12 and 13), his sexiness can be compared to Brad Pitt's. That is crazy! Nobody can be as hot and sexy as Pitt but he did it using his secret weapons, charm and wittiness.

Drool~ I like old guys! Why la?????

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


It is very funny how life finds its way to make human feel either good or bad. When things take a wrong turn you start to curse or swear and say pretty mean stuffs to nice people. Or you just give them a really mean look as if they are the evil bad do-er. Dude you are so wrong.

I went out with Akiey. She is such a nice girl and very pretty with her rings covering her tiny fingers. We had never spoken back in KMB but it had been fated that we met each other and talked for the first time and it wasn't awkward at all.



Forgot what was I supposed to post about. Got side-tracked again because petty-Farmville


Monday, August 16, 2010


He once told me that he wouldn't want best friends. I told him that he was being absurd and no man can be in this world without someone he acknowledges as his best friend/s. Well now I agree with him.

I can like someone or turn into his worst enemy in a second. I had called many as my good friends. The truth is they are not. Life is constantly changing, very volatile and I plunge myself into many webs of friendships that have turn out to be very messy. It hurts to know that they are changing and I am no longer in their hearts. I should just walk away but I have been to generous upon giving a tiny little space for them in my ever small heart.

Was it my fault, I wish to know. But the truth always hurt. As long as I have my loved ones around me, others are simply gestures and memories.

I will not change and always will be me.. You (don't ask me to name them).. Only time will tell

Saturday, August 14, 2010


The urge to write something, and that is why I'm clicking the keyboards while having my head fully oriented towards the future that will appear this September.

I am scared, more of frightened of what may happen in the next 4 years. This uncertainty is nerve-wrecking, the uneasiness feeling is too overwhelming. I put my best though I know I could do better but after all the misbehaving and time that had been wasted, my best is somehow good enough to make me feel blissfully happy.

But this small heart of mine is still afraid. To leave the comfort zone and face the strange outside world is not going to be easy. I should learn,taste and adapt to the inviting pleasures of the new world. But this world that I'm living now is something that I would not trade even for the universe.

I am not ready to bid goodbye to my world. Feel sick in my stomach thinking of hugging them and settling into a brand new atmosphere. I have the Lord with me and He shall be my companion and greatly He always listens to me.

Monday, August 9, 2010


I hate fever. I hate cough. I hate cold. I hate flu. I hate medicine. Don't ask me to take 'em when I'm dealing with any pain because I'll be replying to you in this monotonous way:

"Makan/amik la ubat"

"X suka makan ubat la"

"Macam mana nak baik kalau tak makan ubat?"

"Ala... nanti baikla. Yang penting tak nak makan ubat"

I have been questioning about this for quite a long time. Why do I dislike medicine so much? To make it more irony, I'll be depending on medicine for the rest of my life until I make up my mind to take some steroids to normalize my white blood cells. Don't ask me what am I dealing with because sadly, you will not be getting any answer.

Back to the question, I presume that the dis-likeness towards medicine is due to the fact that I hate having to repeat the routine and mind set of 'mesti minum air lepas makan ubat'. I can swallow whatever pills that you give me regardless of the sizes without any hardships. Put in my mouth and within a fraction of second, it'll be on its way inside my oesophagus (woo.. i remember biology!) I prefer pills than liquid medicine. It doesn't taste good at all and makes me despise 'em more. So the next time I have fever and could not stop being a baby (due to my sickness) just tell me where the medicine is and I know what to do. But, don't expect too much/hoping one or two will be disappeared within the next 24-hours.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I have a new addiction.


it is so addictive that I can visit pages by pages motionlessly (yup, only clicking of the fingers that I need) for hours.

Credits to Emi!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010



I just realised that I have less than a month to prepare everything, bags, documents, MY MENTAL HEALTH before departing to Toronto.


Simply because I'm just too lazy and having myself a sense of proud to be called couch-potato, I haven't bought anything, not even a single, plain, monochrome t-shirt to be wore in Canada.

According to my timetable, a month from now I'll be registering to St.Mike's College, get myself a decent room with a warm roomie and will not stop fidgeting about the food, weather and where to get roti canai.

Ps: If you think that I'm boasting about my excitement or you just don't like my post, you are invited to leave my blog and a re-visitation to my dusty little blog is something that I do not look forward.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TL 21

I am going to take you back to the times when I was in MRSM Langkawi. It won't be about everyone, just a few girls that I have encountered in my life.

1. Sarah Atikah Sirajul Huda
Yup. Teman sebilik no 1. Adalah kerana nama yang sama (Sarah), maka kami bercadang untuk menggelarkan diri kami Sarah-Squared dan Sarah Cube (the power of two and three). Kami tidak mahu orang memanggil kami dengan nama kedua kami ('Ainaa dan Atikah) maka berebutlah nama Sarah itu. Katil dia adalah diagonal dengan saya, bersentuh kepala dengan Yanie dan menghadap King. Orang Perak yang tubuh badannya kecil sahaja. Suka ambil biskut saya.

2. Raja Nur Izzati
Ye. Dia memang anak raja (don't mess around her, u might get tulah). Orang Perak juga. Dalam bilik TL 21, dia paling baik. Tapi sebenarnya itu lakonan sahaja. Dia paling liar kotttt..:P
Dulu berangan nak jadi ahli farmasi, tiba-tiba ada di France belajar kejuruteraan kimia. Suka balik paling akhir setiap kali sesi persekolahan bermula. OH.. dan dia juga seorang LDP (Lembaga Disiplin Pelajar @ pengawas). Sampai sekarang hairan macam mana dia boleh terpilih jadi LDP:D
Boleh pula jadi model tudung =.=

3. Nur Haryani Yahya @ Ano
Aha. Paling blur sekali. Kalau orang dah habis lawak no 14, dia baru nak paham lawak no 1. Adalah rakan persekolahan, permainan Marni dan menetap di Sg. Petani. Suka tengok cerita Korea, dari dulu sampai sekarang. Ada lesung pipit dan tidur menghadap saya. Sekarang dia belajar di UITM dan suka pergi bilik TL 17 (kot) sebab ada Nani dan Wati dekat situ.

So mates, good luck in life. It is my biggest hope to see you before September arrives. And as for you King, do speak French fluently because I'll be needing some French lessons from you to prepare myself in the search for hot French dudes:P

Monday, August 2, 2010


I know.. it's edgy, emo, dark, whatever crap that you might think or say looking at my new template.

Let me tell you, since I was a kid, I always ponder what will happen to the world if superheroes do exist. Sure will be cool la..

Everyone has their own favourite superhero. It could be from Superman to Spiderman or from Wonder Woman to Thor. Or perhaps Ironman. Well the latest is surely one of the hottest superhero credits to Robert Downing Jr. But please tell him to keep his beard or what-is-the-name-for-the-thing-around-his-jaw. Shave it and you will lose a fan.

My favourite would be...... BATMAN!

I had watched every single movie that has the name Batman as its title. Or movie with the Bat logo on it. Or just another movie with bats flying in a dark cave as its main focus on the movie poster. Batman is cool. Billionaire, handsome, young, very much the most eligible bachelor on Earth (bear in mind that I am posting this will thinking of Metropolis, not the Earth as in the Earth). The absent of superpower is not a problem for me because he has cool gadgets that money can buy. OH and another thing, he is smooth and seductive too.

P.s: It has been lately about men.. Is it just me or I'm just too gay to talk about girls?