Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Less than 2 weeks..yeah.. really mean it.

After 2nd sem, here are the list of assignments I MUST do:

1. EE Economics - fucking research needs to start during holiday

2. TOK Essay - emotion, logic, examples, case study, yada~
3. World Lit - Okonkwo vs Tuan Gatsby
Which one is more masculine?
Is Okonkwo a loser?

4. IP Thai Trip - passport, money, embassy, activities

5. Laos Project - SPONSORSHIPS!!!

Yup, the life of an IB STUDENT

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Answering quizzes in FB makes me so vain. Literally. Most of them were true, some were a bunch of bullshit. So, regardless the result turned out to be shitty, I still spend some of my 'precious time, with FB and my own to fulfill my self-satisfaction.

I know, vain.



Friday, April 17, 2009


A blazing hot day. Countless, numerous time I said, "PANAS GILER!" Every time I entered the class, I stood under the fan. Didn't help that much. Late for a talk with S. Ordered to sit at the front row. Directly facing the prof. It was about Malay and I spent the entire 2 hours with Physics IB Guide.

I love my laptop very much now. Took this new app from S, originated from Syamil. Lyrics appear on my screen and feels like karaoke. Sing my heat out loud.

Techno-geek is certainly not me. At least I know a fact or two about downloading songs and movies. I allow people to call me 'buta tekno' or the direct translation would 'TECHNO BLIND'.

Struggling to do Chem Lab Report. Gosh! Less than a month before exam and we still have experiments to conduct and reports to write. Syazana and Afif, don't tell me that I don't remind you about this.

Well, exact KMBian.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I woke up on Sunday and realised it was mom's and Fathul's birthday. Picked up the phone, pressed 6 and called my sweetheart. Received another call from Syazana. Oh, she can wait, I assumed. Later, rang her.

"Naim accident!!"



"Afif tak main-main la semalam."

Gave Yard a buzz.

"Yard, Naim accident!!"

"Ha! Betul ke?!!"


"Dia dengan sape?"


And somehow, like telefon karat, they (anonymous people) thought it was ME and NAIM who were involved in the mishap.
Quite funny.

Now, I'm missing Naim. TOK and PaI will be less controversial and draggy without him. Azeem is alone, since his bro is resting at home. We were told that Naim had a few stitches on his forehead. I haven't visited him. Planning to do so tomorrow. He will enter the class with a smile, follow by a blank expression and said, "Enjin tak jalan lagi". Not trying to be emotional and sad here.

My dear classmates, if you miss Naim, banyak atau sikit
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Friday, April 10, 2009


Masa untuk Bahasa Melayu

Semalam balik rumah dan mendapati bahawa rumah adalah tempat terbaik untuk bernafas. Bak kata Dorothy dalam Wizard of Oz (kalau tak salah), "There's no place like home".
Tengok Hitchiker's Guide to Galaxy dan gelak terbahak - bahak tengok lawak bodoh dan sengal.

Tiba - tiba...

Telefon bimbit berbunyi. Mengganggu kententeraman sungguh. Saya buat tak kisah.

Tiba - tiba..

Bunyi lagi!!
Saya ke meja makan sebab telefon bimbit berada di situ. 2 pesanan ringkas (sms / msg ok) daripada sahabat saya, S dan kekasih hati pengarang jantung, F.

S menulis, "Sumpah A saiko..........".
F tulis apa saya tidak akan beritahu.

Kepelikan minggu ini tidak berhenti hanya di KMB. Malah berlarutan ke rumah. Ok, bukan saya yang pelik tetapi keadaan kawan - kawan saya.

Mungkin anda lihat orang itu sama seperti mana orang lain lihat dia. Tetapi sudut pandangan orang lain melihat dia amat dengan perspektif yang amat berbeza. Bukan perspektif yang belajar dalam Pendidikan Seni...

Dunia untuk dikongsi oleh semua makhluk. Kita jarang sekali dapat mengelak dari terserempak dengan manusia yang memudahkan atau menyusahkan hidup.

HUH.......... (mengeluh)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So imagine, your friends @ classmates are having a fight. Not cat fight. A matured kinda fight.
Let's name them with A and S.

A has something that can destroy S's life. A has the power to create war. It's not a win-win situation. If A goes down, so with S. S goes down, so with A.

You're stuck between them. Because you are the cause of it!!

shit me

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I want everyone to know how grateful I am to be a part of a perfect family.
My little sister:
Sarah 'Alyaa'
17 yrs old
She is very indecisive about her future. Once a marine architect, the next second a doctor.
As pretty as me. Not prettier.
We were cat and dog. Now the best sister a girl could have.

My little brother:
Muhammad Adam
9 yrs old
Very certain to be so artistic
The cutest boy I have ever met in my entire life.

Sarah 'Ainaa
19 yrs old
Geologist- to- be
She loves money, money, money..
Wish to paint the winter sky of South Pole

We have one thing in common. Love makes us inseparable. Love is the remedy for every disease. Love makes us live.