Friday, February 20, 2009

Odd or Not

It is very amusing to find manners in human can be vary odd, frequently. Let's change our mindset of having the same-gender lab partner. Looking at the same face for 4 sems =2years is a method of mind torture. Unless your lab partner is a super hunk or the prettiest boy in whole college (i don't know anyone with such description).
And it is proven that MATH is for NERDS!! (ni utk hang syamil)
Sometimes I let my mind to wander around the circumstances that had happened and make my own emotional-judgment. The outcome is super academia. Those top scorers can be divided into 2 uniquely differentiated groups. One: hot,
athletic, all rounder high achiever that makes his own way to stardom and his articulation ALWAYS manages to melt the girls. Two: study geek with thick lens and always looks around appears to be afraid of eye contact when verbal communication is required. How sad can life be?

Well, I don't mind having to look through his lenses because he's HOT!!

If this is not a TV show character, I would pray that one day my lab partner would be this, again, HOT

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Conquering the wold. It may sound a bit scary but this tiny mission in ever-lunatic fantasy land
poisoned my brain and it suffocated a whole lotta time. If Mr. Gingerbread Man dared to voice his intention, I must do the very same thing. I have some missions under my sleeve..(evil laugh)

If the world is my playground and working place at the same time, there will be a number changes that I'll be proud to make. The list, please:
1. From Europe to Asia, it will be named as Sarah's Earth of Luxury and Temptation
2. Australia will have more aborigines than Caucasian, Asians and etc
3. Malaysia shall have her first female Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Sarah 'Ainaa
4. Bottom price sale every month for Levi's, MNG, GUESS, Benefit, Salvatore Ferragmo, COACH. (i know u love this syazana)
5. New buildings in KMB, lalat-free DS, wall of fame for every student AND no pas bermalam/keluar regulation.

Of course, this post is just to satisfy my dream of becoming someone prominent in the naked eyes of human. Currently, Mr. President Obama have the world in his clean hands.
America = World
World = Power

Wishing to be Obama's daughter now..

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Hunger is my second best companion.(first is fathul, of course) My ever-unaccomplished resolution, to lose weight, seems to find its way to a dead end. I CAN'T DIET!! Dammit.. If I choose to go on a crash diet, I'll be a walking skeleton in no time. Or to cut down the amount of junk foods is a suicide. Guess I have to be satisfied with my weight AND my figure.

Sometimes, I secretly wished to be taller and curvier. Like Angie. God, she is the MOST PERFECT CREATION. Her eyes are perfectly carved on her face, above the bee-stung lips. Every women wants to have a piece of her. She lands on Brad Pitt's muscular arms and produced a brood of kids and chosen as UN's goodwill ambassador. One lucky girlI want those ARMS!!