Thursday, December 16, 2010


You know you are dead broke when you can't even afford a small coffee from Tim Horton's.

You know you are dead broke when your boyfriend wants to lend you his money.

You are dead broke when you start to have a stupid idea of doing paintings and stand on the street selling them for $2.

You are dead broke when the raisins taste like the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.

So yeah, don't bother guessing because I AM DEAD BROKE.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Turning 20 wasn't as bad as what I thought it will turn out to be. Despite the ruining momento of where I had to sit for an exam (it was the final), I still had the best birthday ever. Thank you for the sushi, the homemade chocolate cake, the movie (I WATCHED THE TOURIST!) and the surprise party. Also thanks to you for the movie, the cute colourful Dr. Seuss' notebook and the cashmere scarf. Hehe.. I'm writing this using your laptop while you're sitting for an exam. Bless...

So yeah, I had an ice cream and love and more than I wished for. OWHHH... also I got the chance to make 2 wishes. And chocolate cakes. And warm weather. And everything was perfect.

Darn, 2 exams before winter break. Darn. Darn.

Never EVER pull an all nighter the night of your exam. NEVER. Because you will end up sleeping and wanting for more hours of sleep and more and before you know it, you are sitting on a super comfy couch with a laptop on your lap, hitting the keyboards in an attempt to update your blog. You can almost hear a voice at the back of your head saying or rather chanting, "GEOCHEM GEOCHEM GEOCHEM" but you decide to ignore it. Yup this is exactly what I'm doing. This is a true fact.

Should put on the pants and go to the dept (ps: the dept means the GEOLOGY DEPT that ROCKS!) Or I can just wait for you to finish the exam. We can have dinner somewhere if you don't mind.

WTH?! Seriously, not working man. You have exam and let's just face it. For real.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Skype is so retarded. One it was all fine, I was chatting with my pen pal and the next thing I knew, I couldn't sign in to my account. How retarded is that? Don't answer. I know. Just plain retarded.

Shizzle, everywhere is snowing. Luckily, TO had a 5 cm snow last Saturday. I woke up almost noon with messages from friends who had never seen, felt snow just like me saying , "Sarah wake up! It is snowing heavily outside!" By the time I dressed up to go back to my resz, the snow had stopped. But on the ground, there were sheets of cotton white snow, everywhere. And I looked up at the sky, it was blue, so pretty with balls of white clouds. The best thing was it wasn't cold at all. On the field of King's circle, the grass was covered with snow. Snap, snap, snap. My first snow, a perfect day and no thick jacket or dozens layer of clothes.

My 20 birthday is approaching. LALALALALALAALLALALAALA.. Don't ask me what I want because my answer would be something that you will not be able to give. Or just give me your love. Or an ice cream treat would be thoughtful.

Excited for winter breakkkkkkkk! Tickets for Dr. Seuss's play are on their way to my mailbox. Hehe.. it would be nice to watch something live on the stage instead of the 2D images on the black rectangular box. Maybe a trip to Niagara. And shizzz.. I haven't order the tickets for Tim Burton's exhibition! Damn!

No talking to me for the next 3 weeks. Exam mode, nerd mode, study mode and finally... PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

ps: skype is