Sunday, May 23, 2010



Let's start by saying I'm pretty glad that I'm posting this on the comfort of my bed, with begs yet to be unpacked and magazines all over the floor. I like being in my comfort zone.

Friday wassssssssssssssssss..... AWESOME!!

Got up early with nothing to worry. The sun was shinning brilliantly. Had nasi lemak with a group of friends, went to the library just to kill the time, wrate SAGA 2 until chapter 15. Jat was reading slowly. I guess he was trying to figure who is Munir, Manisah, etc. After Friday prayer, we (library peeps) went out.

Ironman was brilliantly produced, bowling.. haha;D.. I was being myself and I liked it. Nevertheless, I have some soul searching to do. Commitment.. I am never good at it. But, hey that guy (Fathul) is the most sensible, rational man I could ever have. Owe him a lot.

I miss peeps.. We were having fun.. Studies, volleyball.. Those were crazy. IB had taught me the good of life. There are something that require your attention, something are just meant to be unquestioned, some people are just plain ordinary, some are just simply... annoying, a total pain in the ass and you simply wish you will never meet them again. Some are wonderful, some are fun to be with. Life has boundaries and you need to tell yourself that there is a limit that you need to be cleared with.

Meeting those guys during my last days was quite a heart breaker. But I am happy to know them. Looking forward to see you guys at graduation!

The truth does hurt and sadly to say, I miss KMB:(

Thursday, May 20, 2010



After the teacher collected the exam and question papers, data booklets and unused papers, I glanced around and kept flashing my pearly white smile. IB! SO DONE! The 2 years hurdle was nothing but crazy.

My room is pretty neat now. The books are gone. There are somewhere between piles and piles of other books. No more dead insects. They had successfully found their way to the dustbin. Somehow, my room smells like it has not been used for years. Smells like the first time I entered, dated 2 years ago.

I will be missing some people, some structures, the sceneries. The flies and heat are something that will not be remembered but KMB will not be the same without them. E08F, girlfriends, the teachers, study buddies in the library, I will be counting the days to see them again.

All in all, experiences and memories are priceless, more valuable than the world itself.

ps: next up, cooking and guitar lessons. oh and driving too...?

Friday, May 14, 2010


Oh bloggie! You are all dusty and ugly. I shall sweep away all your sorrows and bring back the good memories that we had before. Sorry for leaving you without any news for months but now I am glad to return to your arms again.

This post has nothing to do with GLEE, its production team or actors or even the songs in it. After all this while, the title for every post was RANDOM. I didn't think or made any effort to somehow relate the title to the content. Randomness is cool...

BEEN THERE DONE THAT! I should say this next week. Probably around 1530/3.30 pm after my last paper! Seriously, my last freaking paper after battling two years full of emotions, as a so-called IB student. It won't be PHYSICS or CHEM or MATH... wait... oh.. it will be MATH HL OPTION: STATS... my last chance of getting at least 5 for math. And thank GOD that I do not have any subjects requirements to enroll to Toronto or Alberta.

Bloggie, this is my oath; I shall never forget you again. You have my words:)