Sunday, May 23, 2010



Let's start by saying I'm pretty glad that I'm posting this on the comfort of my bed, with begs yet to be unpacked and magazines all over the floor. I like being in my comfort zone.

Friday wassssssssssssssssss..... AWESOME!!

Got up early with nothing to worry. The sun was shinning brilliantly. Had nasi lemak with a group of friends, went to the library just to kill the time, wrate SAGA 2 until chapter 15. Jat was reading slowly. I guess he was trying to figure who is Munir, Manisah, etc. After Friday prayer, we (library peeps) went out.

Ironman was brilliantly produced, bowling.. haha;D.. I was being myself and I liked it. Nevertheless, I have some soul searching to do. Commitment.. I am never good at it. But, hey that guy (Fathul) is the most sensible, rational man I could ever have. Owe him a lot.

I miss peeps.. We were having fun.. Studies, volleyball.. Those were crazy. IB had taught me the good of life. There are something that require your attention, something are just meant to be unquestioned, some people are just plain ordinary, some are just simply... annoying, a total pain in the ass and you simply wish you will never meet them again. Some are wonderful, some are fun to be with. Life has boundaries and you need to tell yourself that there is a limit that you need to be cleared with.

Meeting those guys during my last days was quite a heart breaker. But I am happy to know them. Looking forward to see you guys at graduation!

The truth does hurt and sadly to say, I miss KMB:(


Z a t h said...

ppl r going to miss me in gradday

sarah said...

i know.. i wish that u ll be there:(