Thursday, May 20, 2010



After the teacher collected the exam and question papers, data booklets and unused papers, I glanced around and kept flashing my pearly white smile. IB! SO DONE! The 2 years hurdle was nothing but crazy.

My room is pretty neat now. The books are gone. There are somewhere between piles and piles of other books. No more dead insects. They had successfully found their way to the dustbin. Somehow, my room smells like it has not been used for years. Smells like the first time I entered, dated 2 years ago.

I will be missing some people, some structures, the sceneries. The flies and heat are something that will not be remembered but KMB will not be the same without them. E08F, girlfriends, the teachers, study buddies in the library, I will be counting the days to see them again.

All in all, experiences and memories are priceless, more valuable than the world itself.

ps: next up, cooking and guitar lessons. oh and driving too...?


Z a t h said...

cmon la driving x reti haha
camne la nk jalan2 oversea nnt

sarah said...

sebabnye lps spm dulu mls nk begrk jd caveman je...

nk jln oversea xpe.. kalau gi mnchstr ada org la bawakkn + jd tour guide:)

Anonymous said...

yeah.. ur so in the list of rumah next bibik