Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Double Standard

Postponing ur National Service due to same prior engagement which is acting?

This always happens in all countries, no exception for Tanah Melayu. Just because u r some popular hot chick that face can be seen on the tabloids and commercials, u can't just get away from a 17 year-old Malaysian's obligation. NS!! the excuse u gave to the NS admin was totally unexceptable. Hello, acting contracts? U r not that good either.

I smell double standard

Why can't the men in charge (the admins) give exception to those who want to pursue their studies?
Or to those teenagers who have to work so they can feed their sick mother and siblings and sacrifiy their youth and fun for the sake of family?
This actress must be completely relieved that she won't have to march under the burning sun at 11am or eat cold,prepared meal or do charity works. Gimme a break.. The beauty of yours won't last girl..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Centre Is Me

The critically aclaimed super-good primadona

Who is me?
-I'm Sarah 'Ainaa

How long have you lived?
-18 yrs, 15 days,8 hrs and a few minutes

Do you think that you're hot?
-Duh..of course. Ask Fathul. He'll give you answer without hesitation

Do u categorised yourself as skinny?
-Nope, but i'm thin. I have little flesh and it should be more.

Are u emotional?
-YES. I can shed buckets of tears in a zap.

Name your closest friends -Fathul, Syazana, Dayana, Irma, Liyana, Marnie, Azeem and to my suprise Naim.

Do u want to be rich?
-Positive. I need money to survive. Come on, girls need $$$$$ simply because we're born to love this material.

Do u believe that u can make world a better place?
-Yup. Elect me as the States President and I give u 70% off on all US products. Name me.. Apple, Nike, DKNY, Adidas, McD etc
(syzna, ni sebahagian dri kempen kte nk klhkn obama n duk kt States)

Do u love yourself?
-YUP. Everything is about me, me, me, n me, me, n me. A lil' bit more of me. Like Fathul said, "everything is about u bby. Ur wish is my command."

Monday, December 22, 2008


I learn to adopt myself with a new scar. How do I get it? From a freaking bloody surgery to remove a cyst somewhere on the left side of my long neck. God!! I hate HOSPITAL!!
But, since the love of my life, Fathul, dreams to be a doctor, I HAVE to learn to like or at least
get the idea of how hospitals function. Darn me..

This scar I called 'Sembelih'. Really people! I look like a mob victim. A knife on my throat, "money or life". "LIFE!!", I said. Haha..
It hurts a lot during the first 4 days. I had trouble eating and drinking. To move a muscle was a suicide attempt. Then it finds its own way to recover. Hehe..

Thanks to Fathul who helped me A LOT. I mean, he eased my pain with his voice and poems.. I shall stop mentioning Fathul(giggling)

I cant wait to show to my friends my 'cool' scar.
Syazana - you will be so envy
Irma - thank god you dont need one
Dayana - lihatlah hasil krje dr2 yg membedahku

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I love flowers. Those blooming, colourful, flowers always take my breath away.

Fathul asked me once about my dreams. "I want to paint flowers. Imagine, in a garden full of roses and sunflowers and daisies and I will sit and paint".

Flowers symbolise many good values





well, just naming a few

My personal choice, rose.

Why,oh why?

'cause, rose smells nice. Varieties of colours, sizes..




Friday, November 14, 2008

Syazana n Liyana

Greetings dear human population

I m typing this blog while thinking about my 2 closest friends in KMB


right: syazana or better known as PIKACHU, YZMA and MAGIKARP

left: liyana or MISS INDEPENDENT (uwekk..)

dalam kelas aku di penjuru blok akademik KMB, mereka telah menjadi deskmates untuk sem 1 dan akn berlarutan hingga sem2 dan barangkali sampai habis IB. maksudnya 2 tahun la aku menjadi kroni mereka or mereka jadi kroni aku. Korang pikir sendiri ye..

Let me tell you about Syazana. She has GOLD CARD. I repeat.. GOLD CARD. That means, with only a swipe she can have the Midas touch. She once said "money can buy happiness"..

Well Syazana, i ve to agree on that point madam.

We sometimes call her GANGZIK which means GANGSA FIZIK.

Her room, F1**, is the official meeting place for the members of Bilik Rosak Akhlak. We just LOVE her place!!

Then, comes Liyana. She is the MPAC member. Ala.. those people who acts n performs on stage like Khatijah Tan, Tiara Jacquelina, Datuk Jalaludin Hasan etc.

Anyway, she is a super open-minded friend. And a slow-twiched person. (teettt.. bunyi loceng bile contestant dlm game show jawab soalan dgn silapnya)

Together we make a preety good combination of Charlie's Angels.

I can be.. err.. Lucy Liu

Syazana.. hmm.. Cameron Diaz

Liyana.. jap.. Drew Barrymore pun lyn la

Liyana menunjukkan giginya yg putih ibarat mutiara diikat dengan besi yg dipanggil 'braces'

Syazana posed sambil mulut dipenuhi dengan kuih

Aku... bukak mulut besar2 utk menunjukkan kehebatan rahang aku yang boleh dibuka sehingga mampu menelan sebiji epal

Ya.. kamilah Charlie's Angels versi EO8F

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I m proud to say and acknowledge myself as a BLOGGER.

Syazana Omar has 1, so with Manissa, my Baby..

Seriously, my life in this particular day TERAMAT SANGAT LAH PENAT!!





I once thought life as a student (to be specific, an IB student) in sem 1 sgt relax

no EE



To prove this statement, here are the events that i m experiencing rite now somewhere deep inside my cranky medulla oblongata:

  1. our physics teacher, m******n, instructed us to plan 2 experiments about evaporation. FYI, i m always at the worst mood when i m in the physics lab conducting experiments that i don't understand.

  2. the experiments must be genuine, original, from our creativity, cannot copy-copy from books either giancolli, physics a-lvl or any types of books that has PHYSICS written on the cover.

  3. and to make things worse, i ve to pair up with THE ONE AND ONLY...


yes, indeed. Naim happened to be absent and i happened to be in bed, rolling in my blanket, enduring the pain that comes every month. so, with no options left, our teacher destined us to be together. Naim and Sarah


and of course, i need to plan the experiments by myself. no helps from naim and i wont expect any from him. n get the proposals done by tomorrow, by myself. make sure the bloody experiments will be conducted smoothly (i wont say perfectly since the uncertainties and errors will appear.. duh..) by myself.

no naim in any of the scenes

BUT, naim is my kebanggaan

Y? because he s my deskmate and a model, 17 model. hey, it s hard to find a friend that happens to be a model okay?

naim = kebanggaanku