Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Double Standard

Postponing ur National Service due to same prior engagement which is acting?

This always happens in all countries, no exception for Tanah Melayu. Just because u r some popular hot chick that face can be seen on the tabloids and commercials, u can't just get away from a 17 year-old Malaysian's obligation. NS!! the excuse u gave to the NS admin was totally unexceptable. Hello, acting contracts? U r not that good either.

I smell double standard

Why can't the men in charge (the admins) give exception to those who want to pursue their studies?
Or to those teenagers who have to work so they can feed their sick mother and siblings and sacrifiy their youth and fun for the sake of family?
This actress must be completely relieved that she won't have to march under the burning sun at 11am or eat cold,prepared meal or do charity works. Gimme a break.. The beauty of yours won't last girl..


Anonymous said...

siapekah orgnya sarahh

sarah said...

diana danielle

Yard said...

ko jeleous npe
dia amek fathul ko ke
juz kidding
biar la dia dgn idup dia
jom wat math...hua3

Afif Sani said...

dia cun. orang cun x sepatutnya masuk plkn. end of story

sarah said...

diana sgtla xleh amik fathul
n aku x wat math

teori anda x tpt:P