Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ups and Downs


My first blog for 2009. Congrats Sarah!!
(talking to myself again)

I seldom create equation because I'm never good at it. But, I feel like making one now.
New Year=Resolution/s

I have mine though I doubt I can achieve and accomplish all. My life is not based on lists and things-to-do. We live once and it should be fun, colourful not dull, gray, melancholic. Lists aren't for risk-takers since they lead life with guts and nerves and not with rational considerations and precautions.

Here are my resolutions. If you know me, you know which is achievable.
1-spend most of my weekends with Fathul
2-lose weight. My target is 49kg. (looking at the ceiling)
3-get at least 35 for next exams. (grinning)
4-save money. Girl, this is CRUCIAL. (to myself again)

See, those may look a piece of cake but, trust me no 2 takes discipline, 3 requires brain and extra amount of caffeine and 4..... I don't know why I made that one. Must 've bump my head while thinking of the 4th resolution.


Anonymous said...

kita IB.

IB=dull, grey dan monochrome.

kengkadang merah, sbb darah dan kematian.

lune~ said...

xabeh2 ngan merah die


Afif Sani said...

hg lupa no.5

belanja afif