Sunday, January 4, 2009


From this picture, u can see the wind had no mercy for the coconut tree. This was taken from my hotel room, facing the pool n beach. I was in T'ganu. Manul's current hometown. And I had neither fun nor entertainment AND no sight of hot tourists. Poor me..

So it is called monsun timur laut when the sea becomes furious and the wind resembles a small-scaled typhoon.

It scared me. The whole journey was tiring since the rain didn't stop once I entered Kuantan. Fogs were everywhere. I slept..soundly, throughout the trip.

I passed through Kertih where I saw magnificent mega structures of PETRONAS industrial complex. Crazy engineering skills and insane engineers...

Taken around 1915. It was raining

I love that fire:)


lune~ said...

syoknye die.
anta adik ko eh?

g trgganu xgtau pun.

Anonymous said...

mcm a whole city in itself -- ramai org minyak, harharhar

daynadnan said...

ganu kite!

ganu manul!

manul said...

im sory but terengganu is not my hometown. i just live there. eheh.
its the state of monsoon cup. storm sgt kuat.