Wednesday, October 17, 2012


As a Geology student, I had been given with the opportunities to go to many places under the tag-line field education. I must say that these were many of my best memories and I didn't ever imagined to reach those places, let alone to learn about 'em in my lifetime. But, I had been there. And would never trade the memories with anything, because they were just awesome.

2012-SW USA
2013-Possibly New Zealand

I feel obligated to share about my experiences as a student and a tourist (at the same time). But writing is never an expertise of mine. It is always hard to pour my thoughts and feelings about the trips but I will hopefully do it, when I have ample time to just sit and upload all the good pictures from my Facebook with little elaboration alongside them. If you're reading this, you might be an engineering or a medical student; me, being different than most of my friends will be more than happy to share my life as a Geology student.

Hopefully, this will be consistent.

Cheers to regular update.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Waking up to the sound of Tommy is a normal, typical day for me. Life gets extra special if he decides to sleep or play in the morning without having to wake me up with the sound of his ever catty voice.

It gets so annoying when he stands on the shelf, meowing for the reflections to come down when he sees one at 4 in the morning. Sometimes, it gets to my nerve that it makes me one to punch him, if he's a human.

To Tommy, mummy loves you so much but, HOLY SHIZ! Slow down on the meowing at 4am crazy cat!

Friday, October 12, 2012


I left my blog for quite a while ever since I went back to Malaysia for summer break. It was clearly a fun summer although I wish I had more time at home, just lazying around with family and friends. But the thought of Ahnaf being alone in TO while I got to have fun had me feeling sad. Since coming back, I am swamped with works, my responsibilities in the UGA and MASAT and looking for possible internship placements. I had been planning to get a job here but hey, with many friends are getting married next year, might as well kill two birds with a stone. Weddings and job... Perfect!

So a toast to a great school year ahead!