Wednesday, October 17, 2012


As a Geology student, I had been given with the opportunities to go to many places under the tag-line field education. I must say that these were many of my best memories and I didn't ever imagined to reach those places, let alone to learn about 'em in my lifetime. But, I had been there. And would never trade the memories with anything, because they were just awesome.

2012-SW USA
2013-Possibly New Zealand

I feel obligated to share about my experiences as a student and a tourist (at the same time). But writing is never an expertise of mine. It is always hard to pour my thoughts and feelings about the trips but I will hopefully do it, when I have ample time to just sit and upload all the good pictures from my Facebook with little elaboration alongside them. If you're reading this, you might be an engineering or a medical student; me, being different than most of my friends will be more than happy to share my life as a Geology student.

Hopefully, this will be consistent.

Cheers to regular update.

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