Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Less than 2 weeks before school ends and I'll be saying goodbye to second year. Wait, field school is waiting so not saying goodbye, YET, until Whitefish ends. I'm pretty content with school so far. After the epic field trip, going back to school was something that I looked forward to but grade was bad which I expected after the horror of structural first midterm.


Ok, so that's in the past. Now talking about present.

Be getting the mark for the second midterm. Fingers cross, all I need is a pass and I know what to do for final. And I think I can do it although the mark is still vague but I would still be satisfied with any number. Not to say I'm not smart, HELL YEAH I'M SMART. But structural geology is not something you can learn and get just by looking at the map. Unless if you're Alex which pretty much gets 90 in all classes.

Insyallah, this semester will be better. That's all I'm asking for.

House hunting is tiring, NY is still a plan but depends on whether baby scores any job, at least for the summer. If he does, god bless that he has a good future. Praying the best for him. Less than 3 months before home and research job yeahhhh! Score 1 for myself


Sunday, March 4, 2012


This semester is nothing but BAD. Okay not too bad cause I went to the most awesome field trip ever and looking forward to more of it in the future, but it is still a pretty bad semester.

Well, classes are hard. Had to drop one class because I was supposed to have a midterm the week I came back from the trip and fever took control of my body which later forced me to study metamorphic ONLY, instead of REMOTE SENSING and METAMORPHIC. To make things worse, Geochem mark is up and surprisingly, everyone did bad including me. Whaddaheck happened la wei?! We are totally shocked with the marks.

I guess dropping 1 class is a good decision since I will have more time to study. Freaking TV stop seducing me.

Lord, help me please because You are the best.