Saturday, October 30, 2010


The title is a name of a band and the vocalist is my Bio lab partner. Check 'em out.

Sarah's wish list is being updated to keep track on the things she wants and the places she wishes to visit.

1. Turning 20 in Toronto (pretty sure I am getting it, maybe in the next post I will tell you why)
2. Ipod touch
3. A jet black skinny jeans
4. Adidas Nizza High-Star Wars the Fighter (to get this, I need to start watching Star Wars again)
5. Roald Dahl's compilation of short stories
6. Snow!
7. US Visa
8. Lion fish
9. Peru
10. Bosnia
11. Sicily
12. Paris (because of the Louvre for god's sake!)
13. Amsterdam
14. New York
15. Zimbabwe
16. Mexico (Mayan history is a seduction)

Ahha! Not that much right.. I know, "why Bosnia?" I am so tired of people visiting Europe but forget a small country called Bosnia which has a lot more to offer and many mysteries yet to be discovered. I am so in love with you Sparrow (blog's new name). Will you be my lover and love me the way I love you? *High 5*

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I wonder what should I do during winter. I can't fringging go anywhere due to lack of moolah or simply saving money for summer by instructing my mind not think about winter and boxing day. Aye! What am I talking about? Boxing day IS the best day during the whole freezing, below-zero-temperature season of the year. Now, let me take you to what really matters.. Turning 20 this year. Birthday. I am expecting myself to be matured and sensible and watch less cartoons. Wooo it makes me feel old for a brief second.

And so I might have to crash Sarah's place this winter due to the residence's policy of not letting the students stay during winter. No, u CAN actually stay but you have to pay. I am not going to pay you Canadians for a-3 weeks stay with no cool things to do. Well actually I can go to Montreal or BC or take the train and simply stop at some random place with no clue or whatsoever to expect. That would be nice. My little adventure.

I want lion fish as my birthday present. Can you give it to me?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It had been done. Pretty much write everything, what I feel, what I want, what I m doing and some random crappy stuff in my black, dusty blog. It is heartbreaking and it wasn't his fault. I can't scrape off my overly-emotional mentality about tiny little things and somehow I can't take it anymore. Thought that I was up for it. Blergh.. long distance.. whatever.. we are good. But I didn't realised that there were more to come. I love him dearly but he is better off with someone else. He taught me some values and I cherished every moment we spent together. He is such a good man and he deserves all the happiness in the world.

A teacher of mine gave some words of wisdom and it makes me feel that I should be more considerate, more mature before making any decision. We live once and you won't get the second chance, not even if u trade it with whatever bajilion treasures that you have.

He will always be a part of me. Always.

ps: mid termsz-ah is a word meant not to be spoken

Friday, October 22, 2010


1 degree outside, 6.13 am and I am still wide awake. Which is quite unusual for a person who would trade the world for a pinch of shut-eye. Times are hard now. Rat race, the pressure to be the best, somehow I found myself secretly enjoying the ticking of the clock.

You can throw me foods and pillows and duvet and I would simply ignore them. I would tell you that I am loving what I'm doing now. This feels like looking for your best jeans only to find it underneath piles of your clothes and it makes
you feel so relieved since you are now able to wear it for the night of your life. Discovery and joy.

I miss my family, friends, foods, Malaysians and Malaysia. Also the honking and screeching sound of the tires of Waja, Wira and sometime a glimpse of red Ferrari on the road. I miss having to say "sheshhhh..panas gilee". But fool you if you think that I want to take the next flight home because at this moment, I am living my life.

Home for now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


5 classes. Free friday, alternately. I am very glad that I decided to study rocks and not some other science courses. I always knew that I will somehow create a path that leads to the discovery of gravity, neutron and other sciences terms that had casually found places in my heart. What else can I say, art is always my craving but science is the language of human.

But dude, hundreds of mineral to be memorised? Not cool (lately I have been using these words more often than "I,m hungry!"). I m not whining but I need break from the big green book called MINERAL SCIENCE sold by mubeen at the price of $90 (believe me it's cheap since he bought it for $150++).

To make things worse, I just realised that gold is no longer my favorite mineral. Time to find a new sweetheart!

Winter: BC/ US (if I have a visa, of course)