Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I wonder what should I do during winter. I can't fringging go anywhere due to lack of moolah or simply saving money for summer by instructing my mind not think about winter and boxing day. Aye! What am I talking about? Boxing day IS the best day during the whole freezing, below-zero-temperature season of the year. Now, let me take you to what really matters.. Turning 20 this year. Birthday. I am expecting myself to be matured and sensible and watch less cartoons. Wooo it makes me feel old for a brief second.

And so I might have to crash Sarah's place this winter due to the residence's policy of not letting the students stay during winter. No, u CAN actually stay but you have to pay. I am not going to pay you Canadians for a-3 weeks stay with no cool things to do. Well actually I can go to Montreal or BC or take the train and simply stop at some random place with no clue or whatsoever to expect. That would be nice. My little adventure.

I want lion fish as my birthday present. Can you give it to me?


Leng Chai said...

wujud ke lion fish?
singa laut ade la

Shafiqah Muhamad Nor said...

=) You will hang out with me and we shall have fun!


sarah said...

Mao: ada la.. Duduk dkt anemone slalu dgn nemo
Shafiqah: yeahhhh! U r going to. Be around rite? Please say yesss:)