Saturday, October 30, 2010


The title is a name of a band and the vocalist is my Bio lab partner. Check 'em out.

Sarah's wish list is being updated to keep track on the things she wants and the places she wishes to visit.

1. Turning 20 in Toronto (pretty sure I am getting it, maybe in the next post I will tell you why)
2. Ipod touch
3. A jet black skinny jeans
4. Adidas Nizza High-Star Wars the Fighter (to get this, I need to start watching Star Wars again)
5. Roald Dahl's compilation of short stories
6. Snow!
7. US Visa
8. Lion fish
9. Peru
10. Bosnia
11. Sicily
12. Paris (because of the Louvre for god's sake!)
13. Amsterdam
14. New York
15. Zimbabwe
16. Mexico (Mayan history is a seduction)

Ahha! Not that much right.. I know, "why Bosnia?" I am so tired of people visiting Europe but forget a small country called Bosnia which has a lot more to offer and many mysteries yet to be discovered. I am so in love with you Sparrow (blog's new name). Will you be my lover and love me the way I love you? *High 5*

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