Friday, October 22, 2010


1 degree outside, 6.13 am and I am still wide awake. Which is quite unusual for a person who would trade the world for a pinch of shut-eye. Times are hard now. Rat race, the pressure to be the best, somehow I found myself secretly enjoying the ticking of the clock.

You can throw me foods and pillows and duvet and I would simply ignore them. I would tell you that I am loving what I'm doing now. This feels like looking for your best jeans only to find it underneath piles of your clothes and it makes
you feel so relieved since you are now able to wear it for the night of your life. Discovery and joy.

I miss my family, friends, foods, Malaysians and Malaysia. Also the honking and screeching sound of the tires of Waja, Wira and sometime a glimpse of red Ferrari on the road. I miss having to say "sheshhhh..panas gilee". But fool you if you think that I want to take the next flight home because at this moment, I am living my life.

Home for now.


mira mir said...

u go girl!
live life to the fullest

sarah said...

yeahhhhh! rock the world!