Saturday, December 15, 2012


More than half of my friends are doing medicine. 30% are doing engineering and the rest are doing other types of courses such as accountancy, pharmacy, poli sci and etc. Studying geology makes me out of the ordinary. Even till this day, I'm still happy that I rejected the offer to do medicine because the picture of me in a white coat and attending patients are something that I would not enjoy in the future. It's not that I can't pull it off, but I feel more satisfied doing something that doesn't have to do with talking and understanding people. I can only tolerate children (that include babies and toddlers). 

Ever since I was a kid, I always questioned myself about the existence of earth. How do rocks formed? Why do some places have volcanoes eg: Indonesia but Malaysia doesn't have one? How do you get gold? What kind of places you should head to if you want to look for petroleum? I never questioned about sickness or diseases; the topic doesn't intrigues me at all.

Perhaps, in future posts I should tell you what I do as a geology student. Not everyone can be a geologist, you need good eyes and understanding of many processes. You have to be physically and mentally tough, and eating out of canned foods when you are in the field feel like dining in a 5-stars restaurant. Earth is a subject that human still hasn't fully grasped; each day you'll learn a lot more and subjects in geology constantly change. In the early 1900's, scientists and geologists did not believe in plate tectonics. Nowadays, you can even predict the continents' locations in the next million years. 

I thank God that I'm not doing medicine. Thank You for helping me to choose my future. 

My happiest state of mind is when I'm in the field.

Green stick-notes on my mineral deposits notes. I enjoyed it very much.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Light, you need it to see.
Light, you need it to see AND guide you in darkness.
Light, you need it to see AND help you fight fear of darkness.
Light is unnecessary when I'm in bed. Nuff said, be grateful with the gifts from God; that includes light. Imagine, living in a cave and darkness is surrounding you. None of us will like it. 

Reflection from my lamp and Darcy being melancholic. As the clouds move, a ray of sunlight appears and warms the ground in this cold winter month.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


' I would travel across the land'
'Searching far and wide'

-Pokemon theme song

The 2 lines from one of my favorite songs reflect my life as a future geologist. I love what I'm doing now, often expressed it in my previous posts. I just simply like the idea of waking up at 6am, driving for a few minutes or hours to destinations, arrive and look at the landscapes. When the prof/s post/s questions such as, "tell me what you see", "what do you think happened to the rocks?", "why did you say this is a metamorphic rock? give me the evidence" etc, I would cram my brain and try to remember all those hours spent in classes and labs looking at AFM diagram, identifying muscovite and phlogopite, and cursing my way through the semester while trying to keep my sanity. I also love having my lunch under the sun while admiring the thrust fold that overturned the underlying rocks. And now I know how mountains are made and what will happen to the Everest in million years from now.

The more you see, the less you know.
And it humbles me. We are so tiny like a speck of dust in the galaxy that we actually know almost nothing about the universe.
Again, it humbles me.

Chile, Feb 2011: My usual field trip gears - a hat, a hand lens, a rock hammer, a pair of hiking boots, a pair of shades, a bagpack (with water, snack bars, sunscreen, vaseline, write-in-the-rain notebook, camera), my dice-watch, sometimes a compass. Oh, a sweater/jacket, t-shirt and jeans/hiking pants.


I'm not a big fan of sweet food or drinks. I don't hate them but I prefer not to have them. I love ice cream but, I always cringe when I have, let's say, vanilla, praline cake or other sweet flavours. They make my teeth hurt which implies that I have sensitive teeth and also make me dizzy. Whenever Ahnaf and I had coffee, he made me try his and I would just made the annoying face since he knew that I didn't like his coffee, it was always too sweet! But, that's just me. 

Wahida's cake that is still in our fridge. Too sweet. Finished my slice but  it was just SWEET!

Sweetness is a trait that I wish I have. Although my friends often call me sweet, probably because I'm always polite (I'm not boasting but that's the most common comment I get from my friends), I could use a drop or two of sweetness in life. Thankfully, life has been good for me and I don't wish to trade it with anything. But hey, you need some sugar in your diet thus, why not put some amount in your life as well?


Sunday, December 9, 2012


December has always been a special month for me since my father and I were born in this month. Being a December baby has always makes me feel younger than the rest of my friends. They turned 22 when I was still in my 21 and that affects my psychology in a funny way. It makes me feel that I can achieve more in my life, in terms of studies and relationships. If I graduate in June 2014, I will be 23.6 years old. Phew, to graduate when I turn 23 is a big deal, trust me. That means I have another 6 months to accomplish other goals such as applying geology to the real world (WORK!) and maybe, travel to Iceland; all of that before I turn 24.

To celebrate my favorite month, I will upload a picture every day to remind me of the things, be it just a pencil, the clouds, my cats or even a speck of mineral, that I hold dear to my heart. 

So photo uno numero, on 10th December 2012 (my birthday):

Under Tommy is a newspaper. He and Darcy sometimes snuggle, with the newspaper underlying them.
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Tommy, he drives me crazy every single day when he decides to wait in front of the door and meows his heart out because outdoor is surprisingly more exciting than playing in the shower. But I still love him.

Friday, December 7, 2012


When you miss home and the closest ones, it's good to sometimes take a break and think about the good memories you had.