Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I'm not a big fan of sweet food or drinks. I don't hate them but I prefer not to have them. I love ice cream but, I always cringe when I have, let's say, vanilla, praline cake or other sweet flavours. They make my teeth hurt which implies that I have sensitive teeth and also make me dizzy. Whenever Ahnaf and I had coffee, he made me try his and I would just made the annoying face since he knew that I didn't like his coffee, it was always too sweet! But, that's just me. 

Wahida's cake that is still in our fridge. Too sweet. Finished my slice but  it was just SWEET!

Sweetness is a trait that I wish I have. Although my friends often call me sweet, probably because I'm always polite (I'm not boasting but that's the most common comment I get from my friends), I could use a drop or two of sweetness in life. Thankfully, life has been good for me and I don't wish to trade it with anything. But hey, you need some sugar in your diet thus, why not put some amount in your life as well?


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