Saturday, November 21, 2009


Oh please............................................................................

You have been filling up all the empty spaces in the DS, library, concourse, cafe, and even the hallway. Oh why are you here in a big group with annoying attitudes? You are no better than anyone else. Oh please, this place is getting crowded. And I see more of YOU everywhere, even in the toilet. Don't wear your smiles and pretending that you are naive and sweet and sugary nice. You are evil. This is place is already a hell. Why do you have to make things even worse by adding your presence even in the tiny KOOP? And when you screwed your math test, getting 10/100 you cried like tomorrow will be the judgement day. Everyone fails math. And now you will be taking MATH SL??? If this words are true, then I shall call you (plural) sissy...

Terima kasih syazana dan irma atas nyanyian dan hula dance semalam.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Thanks to Perez Hilton, I found a new female singer with a stage name, Cat Power. Practically in love with all songs that she wrote and composed. As a matter of fact, one of her song is used as Juno OST. Very minimalist, more or less, she sounds like Yuna. Just as a reminder, me not a keen fan of her. The setback, she is not that pretty, maybe cute, but a simple girl with dark hair and wears nothing but jeans, faded shirts and a pair of sneakers. Its the voice and the music that make me longing for more of Cat Power.

Sea of Love is officially in my wedding track list.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


UK FAIR will be held this weekend at KLCC. Mind if i tag along??

The placement result for non-medic students is pasted on the Counseling Unit Board. I spotted a name....


Don't tell me anything or predict my future for the next 5 years if I'm going to stuck with him in Canada. Might be bumping into each other during RAYA, or summer break, or taking the same flight back to Malaysia. Guess if you were once a MRSM Langkawi student, the probability of seeing familiar or too familiar faces is equivalent to 1. Proofs:

1) EO8F has 6 Langkawi students

2) Marni (roommate) is from Langkawi.

3) My boyfriend IS also from Langkawi.

ps: sarah sayang afif.. jom pi toronto sama2

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I need a doctor, ASAP, because i'm having some mood disorders and lack of femininity for the past few months. Honestly speaking, my hormones are acting weird, feels like they are controlling my brain and not the other way around. If my Biology lessons served me well, my progesterone is not doing me any good with my skin and my body. Pimples are growing, and i'm so very much tired of feeling the bumpiness and ugliness of my face. But, i'm still thankful to GOD.

Get a new haircut, for RM15, my baby likes it a lot. A good long-term investment. The creator of Skype, i would like to express my warmest gratitude for creating it.

Oh and i need your help. For my birthday, i have been given with 2 options; receiving my birthday present via courier or wait until the buyer/sender returns home in 5 to 6 months with the present. Please tell me your choice.