Wednesday, November 11, 2009


UK FAIR will be held this weekend at KLCC. Mind if i tag along??

The placement result for non-medic students is pasted on the Counseling Unit Board. I spotted a name....


Don't tell me anything or predict my future for the next 5 years if I'm going to stuck with him in Canada. Might be bumping into each other during RAYA, or summer break, or taking the same flight back to Malaysia. Guess if you were once a MRSM Langkawi student, the probability of seeing familiar or too familiar faces is equivalent to 1. Proofs:

1) EO8F has 6 Langkawi students

2) Marni (roommate) is from Langkawi.

3) My boyfriend IS also from Langkawi.

ps: sarah sayang afif.. jom pi toronto sama2


Anonymous said...

syazana omar likes this

Afif Sani said...

5 words sarah

3 inches from the ground

sarah said...

yola afif.....