Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Nobody likes rude and arrogant people. I personally believe that this type of people thinks that they are always right, no matter who is the expert of the topic in concern. And I have my own principle: if you don't like any of my actions or speeches, don't go blabber about them behind my back. Man up and tell it to my face. I would appreciate you more and I might think that I can change if that can make the world a better place. Don't f*cking go behind my back telling the world that I behave/talk like anything or anyone on/at any  spaces/occasions because it ticks me off. I don't give a damn about your thoughts on me because there is no respect install in your belief.

I have changed a lot since the past 4,5 years. Being in a country and away from my closest ones have taught me to be independent and respectful to each other. My mother constantly reminds me that never do something that can be hurtful to others as it can be a trouble to you at the end of the day. She also told me to be respectful, no matter under any circumstances, it can be an act of courtesy. Throughout the years, I spend less time gosip-ping, telling storied behind people's back and other bad-mouthing actions because the actions are simply rude. But, if you choose to do so, don't let me find out because I will think twice to forgive you.

This anger in me is a negative aura. I hate it, I despise it. At the end of the day, I don't give a f*cking care on what people want to say about me because they are equally the same like me. I sin, you sin. Don't let me give the middle finger to you because it is the final act of courtesy that I can show to you.