Sunday, December 9, 2012


December has always been a special month for me since my father and I were born in this month. Being a December baby has always makes me feel younger than the rest of my friends. They turned 22 when I was still in my 21 and that affects my psychology in a funny way. It makes me feel that I can achieve more in my life, in terms of studies and relationships. If I graduate in June 2014, I will be 23.6 years old. Phew, to graduate when I turn 23 is a big deal, trust me. That means I have another 6 months to accomplish other goals such as applying geology to the real world (WORK!) and maybe, travel to Iceland; all of that before I turn 24.

To celebrate my favorite month, I will upload a picture every day to remind me of the things, be it just a pencil, the clouds, my cats or even a speck of mineral, that I hold dear to my heart. 

So photo uno numero, on 10th December 2012 (my birthday):

Under Tommy is a newspaper. He and Darcy sometimes snuggle, with the newspaper underlying them.
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Tommy, he drives me crazy every single day when he decides to wait in front of the door and meows his heart out because outdoor is surprisingly more exciting than playing in the shower. But I still love him.

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