Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Centre Is Me

The critically aclaimed super-good primadona

Who is me?
-I'm Sarah 'Ainaa

How long have you lived?
-18 yrs, 15 days,8 hrs and a few minutes

Do you think that you're hot?
-Duh..of course. Ask Fathul. He'll give you answer without hesitation

Do u categorised yourself as skinny?
-Nope, but i'm thin. I have little flesh and it should be more.

Are u emotional?
-YES. I can shed buckets of tears in a zap.

Name your closest friends -Fathul, Syazana, Dayana, Irma, Liyana, Marnie, Azeem and to my suprise Naim.

Do u want to be rich?
-Positive. I need money to survive. Come on, girls need $$$$$ simply because we're born to love this material.

Do u believe that u can make world a better place?
-Yup. Elect me as the States President and I give u 70% off on all US products. Name me.. Apple, Nike, DKNY, Adidas, McD etc
(syzna, ni sebahagian dri kempen kte nk klhkn obama n duk kt States)

Do u love yourself?
-YUP. Everything is about me, me, me, n me, me, n me. A lil' bit more of me. Like Fathul said, "everything is about u bby. Ur wish is my command."


daynadnan said...

the last past is freaking sweet :)
i mish you babe

Irma Iza said...

i will definitely vote you as the States President

lune~ said...

oi! oi! Oi!

ade blog nmpk!