Monday, December 22, 2008


I learn to adopt myself with a new scar. How do I get it? From a freaking bloody surgery to remove a cyst somewhere on the left side of my long neck. God!! I hate HOSPITAL!!
But, since the love of my life, Fathul, dreams to be a doctor, I HAVE to learn to like or at least
get the idea of how hospitals function. Darn me..

This scar I called 'Sembelih'. Really people! I look like a mob victim. A knife on my throat, "money or life". "LIFE!!", I said. Haha..
It hurts a lot during the first 4 days. I had trouble eating and drinking. To move a muscle was a suicide attempt. Then it finds its own way to recover. Hehe..

Thanks to Fathul who helped me A LOT. I mean, he eased my pain with his voice and poems.. I shall stop mentioning Fathul(giggling)

I cant wait to show to my friends my 'cool' scar.
Syazana - you will be so envy
Irma - thank god you dont need one
Dayana - lihatlah hasil krje dr2 yg membedahku


daynadnan said...


Yard said...

akhirnye sarah da tiada ketumbuhan
ketumbit mst byk..hua3
link ak..nk kne sembelih ko nie

Irma Iza said...

I am so sorry I did not visit u sarah, but rest assured that u are always remembered. and prayed upon. yes, i cannot wait to see ur new scar. soon, scars are gonna be the new "it" thing.