Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I m proud to say and acknowledge myself as a BLOGGER.

Syazana Omar has 1, so with Manissa, my Baby..

Seriously, my life in this particular day TERAMAT SANGAT LAH PENAT!!





I once thought life as a student (to be specific, an IB student) in sem 1 sgt relax

no EE



To prove this statement, here are the events that i m experiencing rite now somewhere deep inside my cranky medulla oblongata:

  1. our physics teacher, m******n, instructed us to plan 2 experiments about evaporation. FYI, i m always at the worst mood when i m in the physics lab conducting experiments that i don't understand.

  2. the experiments must be genuine, original, from our creativity, cannot copy-copy from books either giancolli, physics a-lvl or any types of books that has PHYSICS written on the cover.

  3. and to make things worse, i ve to pair up with THE ONE AND ONLY...


yes, indeed. Naim happened to be absent and i happened to be in bed, rolling in my blanket, enduring the pain that comes every month. so, with no options left, our teacher destined us to be together. Naim and Sarah


and of course, i need to plan the experiments by myself. no helps from naim and i wont expect any from him. n get the proposals done by tomorrow, by myself. make sure the bloody experiments will be conducted smoothly (i wont say perfectly since the uncertainties and errors will appear.. duh..) by myself.

no naim in any of the scenes

BUT, naim is my kebanggaan

Y? because he s my deskmate and a model, 17 model. hey, it s hard to find a friend that happens to be a model okay?

naim = kebanggaanku


Irma Iza said...

wey, lab partner naim azuz. TAHNIAH!

Anonymous said...

tak tahan. irma terlebih excited

Yard said...

bgge siot naim kalau bce entry nie

missnissa said...

i've linked youuu babe! :D