Friday, May 14, 2010


Oh bloggie! You are all dusty and ugly. I shall sweep away all your sorrows and bring back the good memories that we had before. Sorry for leaving you without any news for months but now I am glad to return to your arms again.

This post has nothing to do with GLEE, its production team or actors or even the songs in it. After all this while, the title for every post was RANDOM. I didn't think or made any effort to somehow relate the title to the content. Randomness is cool...

BEEN THERE DONE THAT! I should say this next week. Probably around 1530/3.30 pm after my last paper! Seriously, my last freaking paper after battling two years full of emotions, as a so-called IB student. It won't be PHYSICS or CHEM or MATH... wait... oh.. it will be MATH HL OPTION: STATS... my last chance of getting at least 5 for math. And thank GOD that I do not have any subjects requirements to enroll to Toronto or Alberta.

Bloggie, this is my oath; I shall never forget you again. You have my words:)


Anonymous said...

finally larh some updates of your miserable life huh??

mira mir said...

makcik....... gud luck final
ni neighbour hg yg cute yg rapat dgn cikgu tarmizi (guru yg jga SPM yg cute tuh) ;P