Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A week after walking out of KMB, my life has taken a full 360-degrees turn. From being agitated seeing books lying on bed to a lifeless girl that reads Douglas Adams collection of Hithchikers (credit to Syazana) as her daily routine. I like this new scent of freedom. It helps me to relax and chill a bit...

Nope, I lied. I am neither relaxed nor chilled. I am worried about the result. Yeah, long way to go, another one month, bullshit. I need to worry so that it will help to remind myself to keep praying and hoping that He will answer my prayers the way I intend it to be.

I can't sleep after 8. Because this crazy drilling sound is constantly making me feel nauseous. It feels like someone is drilling my skull with a blunt automatic driller and keeps on doing it until it gets to the other side of my brain. Yeah, it goes through the brain, right at the center. And I need to remind you that I have migraine so you might want to imagine how it feels to have such noise just beside your room EVERY FREAKING DAY.

Fathul is pretty upset now because his visa application to go to India was denied by the Embassy. And he is now somewhere in London with his mates in trying to cool down his anger. That means he is not online and I can't reach him via phone because I run out of credit. Jatdin is in Klang. He is halfway through the brainwash process in BTN. Yeah, he s not online as well. What do you expect? Huh...

These two Aizats used to keep me company last week and now they are either roaming around the city with a bunch of guys figuring out the next thing to do in the heart of Europe or sleeping in a dorm after a long tiring day. I miss them.

The next best company is a guy in Toronto. I would meet him in September. Can't wait! Provided that my prayers will be answered by God. OH... HERE WE GO AGAIN...

ps: i am depressed. gimme anti depressant

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