Saturday, February 7, 2009


Hunger is my second best companion.(first is fathul, of course) My ever-unaccomplished resolution, to lose weight, seems to find its way to a dead end. I CAN'T DIET!! Dammit.. If I choose to go on a crash diet, I'll be a walking skeleton in no time. Or to cut down the amount of junk foods is a suicide. Guess I have to be satisfied with my weight AND my figure.

Sometimes, I secretly wished to be taller and curvier. Like Angie. God, she is the MOST PERFECT CREATION. Her eyes are perfectly carved on her face, above the bee-stung lips. Every women wants to have a piece of her. She lands on Brad Pitt's muscular arms and produced a brood of kids and chosen as UN's goodwill ambassador. One lucky girlI want those ARMS!!


Anonymous said...

arms je?

Afif Sani said...


aku rasa u need more than dieting

friendly comment :D