Saturday, February 14, 2009

Conquering the wold. It may sound a bit scary but this tiny mission in ever-lunatic fantasy land
poisoned my brain and it suffocated a whole lotta time. If Mr. Gingerbread Man dared to voice his intention, I must do the very same thing. I have some missions under my sleeve..(evil laugh)

If the world is my playground and working place at the same time, there will be a number changes that I'll be proud to make. The list, please:
1. From Europe to Asia, it will be named as Sarah's Earth of Luxury and Temptation
2. Australia will have more aborigines than Caucasian, Asians and etc
3. Malaysia shall have her first female Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Sarah 'Ainaa
4. Bottom price sale every month for Levi's, MNG, GUESS, Benefit, Salvatore Ferragmo, COACH. (i know u love this syazana)
5. New buildings in KMB, lalat-free DS, wall of fame for every student AND no pas bermalam/keluar regulation.

Of course, this post is just to satisfy my dream of becoming someone prominent in the naked eyes of human. Currently, Mr. President Obama have the world in his clean hands.
America = World
World = Power

Wishing to be Obama's daughter now..

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Anonymous said...

i am your defense minister. prepare for takeover.