Friday, February 20, 2009

Odd or Not

It is very amusing to find manners in human can be vary odd, frequently. Let's change our mindset of having the same-gender lab partner. Looking at the same face for 4 sems =2years is a method of mind torture. Unless your lab partner is a super hunk or the prettiest boy in whole college (i don't know anyone with such description).
And it is proven that MATH is for NERDS!! (ni utk hang syamil)
Sometimes I let my mind to wander around the circumstances that had happened and make my own emotional-judgment. The outcome is super academia. Those top scorers can be divided into 2 uniquely differentiated groups. One: hot,
athletic, all rounder high achiever that makes his own way to stardom and his articulation ALWAYS manages to melt the girls. Two: study geek with thick lens and always looks around appears to be afraid of eye contact when verbal communication is required. How sad can life be?

Well, I don't mind having to look through his lenses because he's HOT!!

If this is not a TV show character, I would pray that one day my lab partner would be this, again, HOT

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