Friday, April 17, 2009


A blazing hot day. Countless, numerous time I said, "PANAS GILER!" Every time I entered the class, I stood under the fan. Didn't help that much. Late for a talk with S. Ordered to sit at the front row. Directly facing the prof. It was about Malay and I spent the entire 2 hours with Physics IB Guide.

I love my laptop very much now. Took this new app from S, originated from Syamil. Lyrics appear on my screen and feels like karaoke. Sing my heat out loud.

Techno-geek is certainly not me. At least I know a fact or two about downloading songs and movies. I allow people to call me 'buta tekno' or the direct translation would 'TECHNO BLIND'.

Struggling to do Chem Lab Report. Gosh! Less than a month before exam and we still have experiments to conduct and reports to write. Syazana and Afif, don't tell me that I don't remind you about this.

Well, exact KMBian.

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muhamad nazri said...

salam ukhuwwah..
juz jalan2... nak promote blog