Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I woke up on Sunday and realised it was mom's and Fathul's birthday. Picked up the phone, pressed 6 and called my sweetheart. Received another call from Syazana. Oh, she can wait, I assumed. Later, rang her.

"Naim accident!!"



"Afif tak main-main la semalam."

Gave Yard a buzz.

"Yard, Naim accident!!"

"Ha! Betul ke?!!"


"Dia dengan sape?"


And somehow, like telefon karat, they (anonymous people) thought it was ME and NAIM who were involved in the mishap.
Quite funny.

Now, I'm missing Naim. TOK and PaI will be less controversial and draggy without him. Azeem is alone, since his bro is resting at home. We were told that Naim had a few stitches on his forehead. I haven't visited him. Planning to do so tomorrow. He will enter the class with a smile, follow by a blank expression and said, "Enjin tak jalan lagi". Not trying to be emotional and sad here.

My dear classmates, if you miss Naim, banyak atau sikit
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Afif Sani said...

zzzzzzzzz.. kata miss naim.. x pegi lawat pon

Yard said...

srry sarah
salah bg info
ak br bgn time 2

lawak kowt ble ko ckp azim keseorangan
sian bro 2

sarah said...

afif-pernah dgr time constriction?

yard-anda dimaafkn. di situ agak lawak