Monday, August 2, 2010


I know.. it's edgy, emo, dark, whatever crap that you might think or say looking at my new template.

Let me tell you, since I was a kid, I always ponder what will happen to the world if superheroes do exist. Sure will be cool la..

Everyone has their own favourite superhero. It could be from Superman to Spiderman or from Wonder Woman to Thor. Or perhaps Ironman. Well the latest is surely one of the hottest superhero credits to Robert Downing Jr. But please tell him to keep his beard or what-is-the-name-for-the-thing-around-his-jaw. Shave it and you will lose a fan.

My favourite would be...... BATMAN!

I had watched every single movie that has the name Batman as its title. Or movie with the Bat logo on it. Or just another movie with bats flying in a dark cave as its main focus on the movie poster. Batman is cool. Billionaire, handsome, young, very much the most eligible bachelor on Earth (bear in mind that I am posting this will thinking of Metropolis, not the Earth as in the Earth). The absent of superpower is not a problem for me because he has cool gadgets that money can buy. OH and another thing, he is smooth and seductive too.

P.s: It has been lately about men.. Is it just me or I'm just too gay to talk about girls?


Z a t h said...

you do talk about girls
JB.. think about it

sarah said...

he s not a girl:P

lune~ said...

tahukah anda bahawe ano sudah mempunyai blog?

begitu juge marni.

dan begitu juge aku.

hee. gudluck di toronto!
tahniah ye.

(kat canada ade certain leh cakap french tau!)

ni la masenye nak berguru dgn aku.. hee :D

sarah said...

king.. marni aku tau.. tp ano aku x tau!! aku nk pi bubuh link korg skrg

(aku nk amik kursus french dgn kau nanti:P)