Monday, August 9, 2010


I hate fever. I hate cough. I hate cold. I hate flu. I hate medicine. Don't ask me to take 'em when I'm dealing with any pain because I'll be replying to you in this monotonous way:

"Makan/amik la ubat"

"X suka makan ubat la"

"Macam mana nak baik kalau tak makan ubat?"

"Ala... nanti baikla. Yang penting tak nak makan ubat"

I have been questioning about this for quite a long time. Why do I dislike medicine so much? To make it more irony, I'll be depending on medicine for the rest of my life until I make up my mind to take some steroids to normalize my white blood cells. Don't ask me what am I dealing with because sadly, you will not be getting any answer.

Back to the question, I presume that the dis-likeness towards medicine is due to the fact that I hate having to repeat the routine and mind set of 'mesti minum air lepas makan ubat'. I can swallow whatever pills that you give me regardless of the sizes without any hardships. Put in my mouth and within a fraction of second, it'll be on its way inside my oesophagus (woo.. i remember biology!) I prefer pills than liquid medicine. It doesn't taste good at all and makes me despise 'em more. So the next time I have fever and could not stop being a baby (due to my sickness) just tell me where the medicine is and I know what to do. But, don't expect too much/hoping one or two will be disappeared within the next 24-hours.


ibnuazlan said...

Sakit tu dapat menghapuskan dosa :)

sarah said...

true3.. thanx for the reminder:)