Monday, August 16, 2010


He once told me that he wouldn't want best friends. I told him that he was being absurd and no man can be in this world without someone he acknowledges as his best friend/s. Well now I agree with him.

I can like someone or turn into his worst enemy in a second. I had called many as my good friends. The truth is they are not. Life is constantly changing, very volatile and I plunge myself into many webs of friendships that have turn out to be very messy. It hurts to know that they are changing and I am no longer in their hearts. I should just walk away but I have been to generous upon giving a tiny little space for them in my ever small heart.

Was it my fault, I wish to know. But the truth always hurt. As long as I have my loved ones around me, others are simply gestures and memories.

I will not change and always will be me.. You (don't ask me to name them).. Only time will tell


Farzan said...

apsal sedih sgt post ni sarah?

Rhoe Seul Ri said...

i totally agree with you sarah.

sarah said...

farzan: just realising who r my true friends.. some r just bttr to be known as 'acquaitances'

rhoe:u r such a good guy:) perhaps u may understand what i m going through