Saturday, August 14, 2010


The urge to write something, and that is why I'm clicking the keyboards while having my head fully oriented towards the future that will appear this September.

I am scared, more of frightened of what may happen in the next 4 years. This uncertainty is nerve-wrecking, the uneasiness feeling is too overwhelming. I put my best though I know I could do better but after all the misbehaving and time that had been wasted, my best is somehow good enough to make me feel blissfully happy.

But this small heart of mine is still afraid. To leave the comfort zone and face the strange outside world is not going to be easy. I should learn,taste and adapt to the inviting pleasures of the new world. But this world that I'm living now is something that I would not trade even for the universe.

I am not ready to bid goodbye to my world. Feel sick in my stomach thinking of hugging them and settling into a brand new atmosphere. I have the Lord with me and He shall be my companion and greatly He always listens to me.

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