Thursday, August 19, 2010


A movie that had me glued to the seat for 2 hours without complaints.

I will not talk about it BUT I am proudly will write about the actors.
1. Sylvester Stallone. My parents are crazily in love with him. I grew up listening to their admiration towards him and his talent. Action-packed movies weren't really my thing but
after I watched his acts in Rambo, man! I am in love with Stallone. 64 and his body is still solid and whaddaheck is that 6 squared-things on his abs? 6-packed! Gentlemen, do be like him please.
He's just a heart throb for a man that we can call poppi.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
An Austrian-born governor, once a bodybuilder and part-time actor. Watching The Terminator franchise had made my childhood was exceptionally wonderful. Thanks to him,
I learned that someday, scientists and engineers have to create brilliantly handsome robots to help human evolution. (what a crap)

63 and still no sign of bulging tummy, I love him as much as I love Stallone.
3. George Clooney
He is what I call a sexy old man (if you wish to throw up, my suggestion would be to stop reading this post because it will be filled with my admiration towards a group of old man).
Batman & Robin was a legend particularly with the producer's decision to mask Clooney as Batman. If you watched the Ocean's franchise (Ocean 11, 12 and 13), his sexiness can be compared to Brad Pitt's. That is crazy! Nobody can be as hot and sexy as Pitt but he did it using his secret weapons, charm and wittiness.

Drool~ I like old guys! Why la?????


a h u y y said...

mane jetli?
racist giler..

sarah said...

ADUSS.. lupa nk letak jet li.. tp dia muda lagi so x termasuk dlm kategori hot old men:)

sasquatch said...

mane jason statham?

sarah said...

jason statham muda lg la ejat =.=