Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It is starting. Well life was supposed to be simple like fairytales. A beautiful princess locked up in a castle and waited for her prince charming by the window every day to save her from a fire-breathing dragon. The prince came with his mighty white horse and slayed the dragon. He kissed her lips and they knew that this was meant to happen.

If life could be that simple, I shall listen to the love songs and feel the wind brushing my cheeks and happily chasing dogs on a field. Or probably grab a coffee, take a decent book and find a sweet place at a park where the grass is nothing but green and simply read and humming to Bob Marley's.

If it could only be that simple, I shall close this thick, 675-pages book (minus the index, appendices) and lay on my bed and stare at the blank ceiling and have nothing to worry except what will they serve for breakfast tomorrow.

Sadly, life is never that simple. But there is no stopping me from going to bed. Except the sense of guilt.

I told you, life ain't that simple.

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