Saturday, July 10, 2010


A blessing I should say.

Alhamdulillah, the big day had passed by. It was full with anxiousness and countless prayers. As the clock struck at 9.15 pm, I had a TITANIC nerve wrecking moment. Teeth were chattering and I swore that my feet and hands were cold like a dead body.
Marni, Dayana and I were chatting at FB while waiting for the moment to come. And when it had arrived, I couldn't bear to look at the screen. I covered my eyes and of course I couldn't see a thing.
And the rest was in history. I guess all those emo-posts dated when I was struggling with mind-boggling subjects, assignments (EE, TOK, IA'S, CAS, etc) had paid off.

I owe everything to:
The great LORD for the gifts and love HE has for me since I was born.
My family for their love, support and prayers.Fathul for the laughter when I was drown in great despairs.
Teachers who had taught the goodness of life, the values of knowledge
Friends (E08Fians, Marni, gfs, LRC peeps, IPians, wholly-good jrs (not all of them since I did had some issues with them), fellow 08-10 KMBians) for being my inspirations. The good memories that we shared shall never be forgotten.

Looking forward to turn 20 in TORONTO baby!!

ps: sincerely hoping that my family, Fathul, dearest gfs, bestfriends, lrc peeps will be at the airport to send me off to the north america continent:)


ibnuazlan said...

You got into University of Toronto?

Wan Harun said...

nama aku xda ka. :P

sarah said...

azlan: yeah! talkd to mbn n he just looking forward for me to be thre

waan: lol..."fellow 08-10 kmbians" tu termasuk kau la.. hahaha:D

ibnuazlan said...

Great! Looking forward to meet a fellow Infineight. Are there anybody else coming?

sarah said...

nope.. it s just gonna be just me heading to toronto.. while afif n syamil r going to alberta

ibnuazlan said...

I see. Well, it's good to know that there are Infineights in Canada.

Anonymous said...

i love you.. i want to go to.. lol.. congrats.. best sister i ever had..