Saturday, July 3, 2010


I am not a football player. Therefore, I don't have the credibility to comment on any matches. All I can say is that who wins and who loses. This 2010 World Cup... haish... don't know what to say.

Put my money and words on England. They have always been my favourite. Screw whatever the British tabloids said about Terry and Cole. Good players on the pit, that is all I care. But what happened this year??

1. Beckham was injured. Bye-bye pretty face. And the yellow cap was given to Ferdinand.
2. Ferdinand the got injured during training. The captain was replaced with Gerrard.
3. Feud between Terry and Capello was nowhere near peace.

The result: They were kicked out and humiliated during knock-out stage by Germany.

England was supposed to be like this. The one and only World Cup trophy they ever proud of.

Portugal was my second favourite. I thought they had the chance to make to at least semi. Hell they put me in the dark room again. Ronaldo had managed to prove that he is nothing but a sore loser by spitting at a cameraman after failed to bring his team to the next round.

He might want to reconsider his career as a football player next season.

After the three lions had been defeated, I shifted gear to the South American country, Argentina. With Maradonna as the coach, his famous 'Hand of God' goal will be the light for the team to book a seat in the final. They played tactfully with good teamwork and Messi is one hot player that should have the enemies in danger.

What happened?


This may be what Maradonna will do to Messi.

"You should go to the right you fool"

"I tried papi, but they did not let me go there"

"This is all your fault! I am going to crush you! Come here you punk"

"Stop papi!! Wasn't my fault that we lost! Don't touch my head!"

This is my worst World Cup fever. I am not looking forward to final. You can still expect me to be in front of the telly cheering but whoever wins, I could not care less.

Saving my money for a trip to Brazil in 2014. Wanna come along?


sasquatch said...

ade satu lagu that goes like this yang england selalu bangge-banggekan.
"england five, germany one"

sarah said...

haha.. stupid british.. nyanyi saje reti main bola x reti