Thursday, December 17, 2009


After finishing the last paper of SEM 3 exam, i was smiling like Joker, from ear to ear and i believed that people were actually making faces at me. The most excruciating part of doing IB in KMB was not easy and i survived. Well, we survived.

See, i m not a good person nor a bad one. I rarely listen to nasyid and forever stuck with jay sean, cats power, beyonce and chicago. Never a big fan of usrah except the one i m having now because my naqibahs are cool and dont preach about, "kita mesti menjadi wanita yang menolong lelaki....bersopan santun.... dan segala ciri2 wanita yg ayu." Oh i m this ungrateful little creature with nothing in mind except for money and Internet! And why does u, DiGi, have to be the organiser for Ne-Yo's concert? I couldn't get discounts for the tickets AND like a series of unfortunate events, i will not be able to go because it will be held on THURSDAY, a day after school re-opens! Dahlah konsert Beyonce kena tunda....

Blame u Adam Lambert, for making me feel emo-ish.
Seriously, this post doesn't have any links between any of the contents. Shit.


manul said...

adam lambert gay and tak hot :)

sarah said...

manul!! akhirnya anda mengucapkan sesuatu yang betul!

sayang kamu!

sasquatch said...

ezzad: adam lambert n manul gay and tak hot :)
sarah: ezzad!! akhirnya anda mengucapkan sesuatu yang betul! syang kamu!

sarah said...

ejat: akhirnya anda mengucapkan sesuatu yang betul! sayang kamu!:)