Saturday, January 15, 2011


So gear up, it's a brand new year. Significantly adding another year to your-owh-i'm-so-old-now face. I wasn't planning to do any resolution because I'm 99.9999999% sure that it will end up being another incomplete mission. But it won't hurt to just secretly say that I want to be better in all aspects this year. Going to cut down all those junkies Facebook is throwing directly onto my face, drink more coffee or latte, be a devoted member of the gym and a good daughter, a humble Muslim and a good person who contributes less greenhouse gases than the rest of human population.

Winter break was decent. I didn't go anywhere. Downtown was my place and someday, I practically didn't do anything except woke up at 3 in the evening to find out that it was starting to get dark again. All I can said was, "well I miss the Sun again". But, it was all right. Little Italy is such a cute place. I can see old men watching football in bar and they conversed in either Spanish or Italian. It was as if seeing the old men in 'kedai kopi' or 'mamak' watching Piala Super.

So back to school! Back to the thick books and more things to memorise and less fun. Well it would be so ungrateful of me to keep sighing about life as a university student but sometimes you just can't shut your mouth! All I can say is CHILEEEE HERE I COMEEEE-AHHHHHHHHHHH!:D

Yoooooo! What's up with the new zodiac?! Thank you astrologers for adding a new sign and yeah guess what, I have the new zodiac sign! OPHIUCHUS! I prefer my old masculine Sagittarius. Now this new zodiac says that I am the attractor of good luck and jealousy. Sounds deep, eh.. Haha seriously I would only attract good luck to other people, NOT ME. I shall embrace Ophiuchus and wish that astrologers will not knock their heads on the wall and wake up in the morning saying, "Owh we should another sign!"

Because if you do, I'm going to kill you!

Hahahaha random!

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