Sunday, April 17, 2011


Oh yeah.. That is just great. The only day when you woke up feeling hungry and remembered about your KitKat sitting on your shelves, and you noticed it was gone... You felt crushed, disappointed, rejected by the whole society who created chocolate as one of the most amazing wonders your taste bud can ever experience. You hate the world to the core.

That is exactly what I am feeling now. F*** you for eating my KitKat. I bid you goodbye in a few days and pray that I will never, ever bump into you,
ever, again.

Can't wait to get my own sweet place next semester. Hell yeah I am going to adopt 8 cats, 10 fishes, a bird and 2 turtles and make my own little heaven where no one can steal my KitKat (unless your cats figure out how to unwrap the KitKat wrapper).

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