Friday, September 16, 2011


New semester just started. Hyped out with the timetable and workloads. Igneous and metamorphic class, sedimentary, geophysical and archaeology are enough to make me stressed out for a bit even the first week is just over. Anyway, the good news are:

1. 2 inner-state field trips. Bamcroft and Oshawa.
2. Colorado field trip! Crazy. Urlich is an amazing prof and is this works out, geology IS the coolest field ever.

Ahnaf gets to go to Peking, China around November. Awesome.
Cuba for winter. Life is treating me well.



Leng Chai said...

wow you get alot of field trip... have fun

sarah said...

thanx mao. dh sihat?

Tiara Fazlin said...

byknyeee gi jalan..hee